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By Sponsored: REGYMEN Fitness – December 3, 2020
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If there was ever a year to embrace change, 2020 is certainly it. While it’s not always easy, change can often spur new and exciting outcomes we never expected. Change is the foundation that REGYMEN Fitness is built on and can be summed up simply by our motto — DISRUPT YOUR ROUTINE. We’re driving our community to break through fitness barriers by ditching their boring, old workout program and challenging themselves to something new. Results guaranteed. 

With 2020 almost behind us (phew!) and the new year quickly approaching, here’s a look at how REGYMEN Fitness can help you disrupt YOUR routine and reach your fitness goals, once and for all.


Hitting the same workout routine day after day can eventually lead to boredom and burnout. Over time, our bodies adapt to the (good) stress we bring to it through exercise, and the results slow down or come to a complete halt. To see continuous results, you need to change things up — adjust your weights, reps, distance, equipment. The possibilities are endless, but it does take some time, effort and knowledge to shake things up in an effective way.

At REGYMEN Fitness, we do the programming work for you. Choose from a variety of unique HIIT programs that incorporate cardio, strength training and boxing. No two workouts are EVER the same, so all you have to do is show up ready to conquer the daily challenge. Across our schedule, you’ll have the option to choose from one of our 3 signature platforms: Burn, Box or Build. 

BURN | Our fastest-paced workout program that will have you torching calories through a mix of Cardio and Strength Training. Treadmills, ski ergs and air bikes galore! A new take on your traditional HIIT program.

BOX | Take your stress (and sweat) out on our low-impact, water-heavy bags as you punch your way through this workout. Boxing rounds integrated with strength training allows you to work your body in a new way while still reaping the benefits of interval training. Never boxed before? No sweat. We’ll guide you through the basics of your 6 main punches and you’ll be swinging like a pro in no time. 

BUILD | In a Build workout, you’ll slow things down to focus on increasing strength and perfecting your lifting form with short cardio bursts to keep your heart rate pumping. Olympic barbells, kettlebells and battle ropes are just a few pieces of equipment you can expect to see while you push your muscles to greatness. 


More workouts are always better, right? Not always. Sometimes, giving your body some rest and recovery to repair itself will fuel results faster, and without injury.

Workout SMARTER at REGYMEN Fitness with programming designed to allow for recovery, even if you’re working out most days a week. Our workouts are programmed with a daily focus on different body parts (‘upper body’, ‘lower body’ or ‘butts and guts’ to name a few) and training styles (hypertrophy, power, endurance). Whether you’re a die-hard 5am warrior or have a flexible schedule, you’ll know that today you won’t be working the same way you did yesterday. This allows you to hop into workouts as much as you want while still giving your body the rest that it needs to keep performing at its peak. For guaranteed results, we recommend hitting 3 or more workouts a week, which still gives you plenty of room for a recovery day or two. 


Having a workout buddy or a coach by your side is a great way to not only stay motivated and active, but also helps encourage you to try new things you may not dare to do solo. Whether it’s a new exercise, a new piece of equipment or a new studio you’re trying out, having someone to cheer you on is always better.

Enter the REGYMEN #Fitfam — welcoming, motivating, non-judgemental and always up for a challenge! With the support of our one-of-a-kind fitness community, you’ll have all the encouragement you need to overcome any wellness hurdle. At REGYMEN Fitness, we take pride in the comradery of our community. Whether it’s (socially distant) social events, an air high-five in your workout or posting a funny meme in our community Facebook group, our #FitFam loves to stay in touch. If you’ve fallen off course with your wellness plan and need some help finding your way, our members and coaches are ready to stand by your side!

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our members have to say about REGYMEN Fitness:

  • “The staff and coaches are THE BEST. Even if I’m tired from a long day it is so worth my time.”
  • “What can I say… I LOVE REGYMEN! I am a newer member and already feel like it’s a home away from home.”
  • “The culture [at REGYMEN] is second to none.”


If you’re ready to skip out on your boring old routine or need a kickstart to get back on track, REGYMEN Fitness has a program for you. Work with our nationally accredited coaches to put together a plan specifically for YOU to meet your individual fitness goals. We’ve got a variety of membership and class packages options that will fit any schedule and budget. 

Keep an eye out for our newest studios opening spring 2021 in Round Rock and The Grove in Central Austin. Call us TODAY to schedule a complimentary workout and find out how you can snag our lowest Founder Rates, available for a limited time only!

REGYMEN Fitness Arbor Walk – (512) 969-8121 / @regymenfitnessaustin

REGYMEN Fitness Round Rock – (512) 234-1941 / @regymenfitnessroundrock

REGYMEN Fitness at The Grove – (512) 998-2216 / @regymengroveatx


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