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State of Current Trail Projects

“The Trail is where we all connect locally,” says Susan Rankin, Executive Director of The Trail Foundation. Literally and figuratively, her words are true for sure.…

Healthy Living
Should I Work Out Today?

Can I tell you a secret? Even the most active, fitness-loving people struggle to get up and workout. Everyone needs a little push sometimes. For those…

Healthy Living
The Freshman 15

As a woman speaking from personal experience, the “Freshman 15” took one semester to gain and three years to lose. This elusive yet infamous weight gain…

Healthy Living
FAQ: November 2015

Do I need to foam roll after every workout? Do I need to roll out longer after a run (as opposed to a gym workout?) Foam…

Healthy Living
New To Austin

Resolute Fitness on South Lamar Boulevard Resolute Fitness: Cycling & Yoga, the popular boutique fitness studio of Steiner Ranch, is expanding to South Austin in…

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