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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms are the best, which is why they deserve the best. If you’re still trying to come up with the right Mother’s Day gift, consider choosing…

Natural Beauty

Austin is far too familiar with scorching sunshine during long summer days. Residents brave the heat to stroll through the greenbelt, run around Zilker Park or…

Healthy Living
Whole30 Diary

The Whole30 is a monthlong diet with a focus on eating clean, healthy foods. Not only does this serve as a hearty way to cleanse your body of processed food, hidden sugars, and inflammatories, but it’s also a reset button to foster mindful eating habits. AFM staff members Gretchen and Devyn took the Whole30 challenge and cut out sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, anything processed or artificial, and alcohol.

Dog Human Accessories

Spring is around the corner and it's time to update your closet with the latest trends. But what about Daisy's ragged collar or Bruno's broken leash?…

Healthy Living
Let Food By Thy Medicine

It’s that time of year again; Cold and flu season is upon us in full force. The sniffling, sneezing and coughing interrupts our lives, and it’s…

Healthy Living
Power Couples

These five power couples have dominated their industry and developed strong relationships. Not all are married, share a business together, or are romantically involved—demonstrating the concept…

DIY Fitness Hacks

Bring an element of craftsmanship to your daily workout regimen with Do-It-Yourself fitness hacks. Looking good doesn’t need to cost you a toned arm and leg—especially when you can recycle, reuse and repurpose household items.

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