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Working Out on the Road
September 1, 2014
Traveling, whether on a business trip or the family vacation, means a break from habit. Cramped hotel rooms, less-than-stellar gym equipment, and unfamiliar surroundings can be enough to dissuade the overwhelmed traveler from getting...
Friend-Raising with ‘Links & Lyrics’
August 1, 2014
It seemed an unlikely friendship—this crew-cut wearing football coach and a guitar-strumming poet revered among the happy hippies of Austin. Yes, Darrell Royal and Willie Nelson were an odd pair, but music and golf...
Avoid the vacation rut and return home with renewed energy
August 1, 2014
We all look forward to going on vacation. For most, it is the highlight of the year. It is a time to refuel, reflect, spend quality time with the people we love, and make...
Anti-Age Proof Your Fitness Regimen
July 1, 2014
Balance is the key to fitness longevity.
Local Sheriffs Trade Patrol Cars for Bicycles
July 1, 2014
The Travis County Sheriff’s Cycling Team exists to promote fitness and service.
Carolyn Haney and WeViva Make Life Better
July 1, 2014
Nutrition and exercise classes offered throughout Austin.
Outdoor Games For Kids
June 1, 2014
These five simple games can get your kids up and having fun this summer, all while instilling a lifetime love of movement among children.
Playground Fitness
June 1, 2014
Active parents lead to active kids.
Discover: Reimers Ranch
May 1, 2014
An outdoor enthusiast’s playground awaits at Milton Reimers Ranch Park
Make Happiness Your Cardio
May 1, 2014
Managing stress can optimize your health, vitality, and waistline
Maintenance on Two Wheels
May 1, 2014
The Austin Ridge Riders are a band of bike-riding volunteers who care for area trails
FAQ April 2014
April 1, 2014
Questions submitted by readers, answered by AFM staff
A Runner's Guide To SXSW
March 1, 2014
Check out a few trails while you're in Austin -- or, some roads, rivers, or lakes.
The City of Austin: A Healthy Transformation
February 1, 2014
A look at how Austin stays fit.
Fit Finds: Workout DVDs
January 1, 2014
Who says you need to leave home to find fitness?
Making New Routines
January 2, 2013
How to introduce changes into kid's lives
How to Take on the Scale in a Healthy Way
January 2, 2013
What to do about managing your child's weight
Austin's Fit Businesses
October 25, 2012
C3 Presents, Capital Metro, 3M, and Seton Cove employ a variety of methods to keep their employees healthy.
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