Cap10K Sabrina Nyitrai

By AFM Staff – December 10, 2021

The AFM Team is getting to shine the light on the ‘21-’22 Cap10K race ambassadors. Sabrina Nyitrai is one of the race ambassadors for the upcoming 45th anniversary of the race who is excited to share her role and her excitement for the race in April!

AFM:  How excited are you to be participating in the 45th anniversary of the race? 

SN: Incredibly!! I’ve been waiting to run a live Cap10K since I first ran it in 2018. The fact that this will be the 45th anniversary, and I’m an ambassador makes it that much more special.


AFM: What does the Cap10K mean to you?

SN: I look forward to the Cap10K every year. It brings so many runners/walkers together and the energy on race day is truly amazing! The Cap10K was my first 10k race and will therefore always be special to me.


AFM: What is the process to become a race ambassador? 

SN: I love the process for this year’s ambassador program! Race ambassadors were selected by the Cap10K Event Operations Manager, Chris Thibert. This year, he selected individuals who he got to know during the revamped Statesman Cap10K training runs, the Austin’s Coffee House Tour group runs. My friends and I loved all the training runs that had started at the Statesman, so when the Coffee House Tour started, we dove right in.


According to Chris, the coffee house runs gave him an opportunity to meet runners and walkers from around the city who were genuinely outgoing, fitness minded and socially active individuals. Those are the qualities found in race ambassadors!

AFM:  What does it mean to be an ambassador for the Cap10K?

SN: When I started running back in 2016 I never imagined how important running would become to me. I certainly never imagined being a race ambassador. This opportunity has allowed me to meet and befriend runners/walkers throughout the city. These new friendships make this experience even more rewarding.


AFM: As a race ambassador, you are representing the Cap10k, how does that feel? 

SN: Even though I’ve only been able to participate in one live Cap10k race, I am truly honored to represent the race. After attending all the free training runs in 2018, the Cap 10K  quickly became my favorite race . The energy on race day was like nothing I had experienced and the post race festivities were so much fun. I can’t wait to be a part of that again.


AFM: Are you planning on participating in the upcoming race or will you be helping out?

SN: Both! I am looking forward to volunteering at the race expo and packet pickup. I’m tremendously thrilled to be among the thousands of participants running the live race, and to enjoy the post race festivities after crossing the finish line.


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