Cap10K Nina Jenzen

By AFM Staff – February 16, 2022

The AFM Team is getting to shine the light on the ‘21-’22 Cap10K race ambassadors. Nina Jenzen is one of the race ambassadors for the upcoming 45th anniversary of the race who is excited to share her role and her excitement for the race in April!


AFM: What does the Cap10k mean to you?

NJ:The Cap10K is much more than a race. It is a diverse community of runners that share a passion for running. With all of the events the organization puts together, you are able to meet friends that will help support you through all of your running goals.

AFM: How long have you been affiliated with the race?

NJ: This is my first year as a race ambassador. I signed up for my first Cap10k in 2019 but was unable to run the race due to it being canceled because of weather. I was able to participate last year in the virtual race at one of the selected Coffee House runs. I am looking forward to experiencing the Cap10k in person race this year.

AFM: How did you become a race ambassador?

NJ: Race ambassadors were invited to participate this year after participating in the Coffee House Tour group runs. Being able to participate in all the coffee house runs during the last year has been fun. It is a great way to explore the city on foot and see all the different and unique areas in Austin and the surrounding areas.

AFM: What does it mean to be an ambassador for the Cap10k?

NJ:Being an ambassador means representing an iconic Austin race. I am very proud to be one of the many ambassadors. We each have our own running story and we can offer tips and tricks that have worked for us.

AFM: What are some roles that race ambassadors do leading up to the race?

NJ: Leading up to the race we participate in the Coffee House Tour group runs. We also get to participate in other races around the city and represent the Cap10k. At each of the races the Cap10k has a tent and we answer any questions runners have about the race, along with promoting the Cap10k race. We also are able to share our running experiences and offer personal training tips to have a successful race.

AFM: How excited are you to be participating in the 45th anniversary of the race?

NJ: I am very excited to participate in the 45th anniversary of the race. The Cap10k has a long history and to finally run the route and cross the finish line is something I have been wanting to accomplish for years.

AFM: As a race ambassador, you are representing the Cap10k, how does that feel?

NJ: I am excited to be representing the Cap10K. I am very proud to be an Austinite and be part of a diverse community of runners and walkers.






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