Cap10K Jackie Howard

By AFM Team – February 7, 2022

The AFM Team is getting to shine the light on the ‘21-’22 Cap10K race ambassadors. Jackie Howards is one of the race ambassadors for the upcoming 45th anniversary of the race who is excited to share her role and her excitement for the race in April!

AFM: What does the Cap10k mean to you?

JH: The Cap10k is a race I have been running every year since I was 11 years old (with the exception of years I didn’t live in Austin – study abroad in high school and my college years). It was my first 10k race and I used to run it with my dad, eventually running it with friends in high school, and now it is either just for fun and nostalgia or I try to race it hard. The Cap10k is meaningful to me because I participate in it regardless of my fitness level each year. I shelf my pride, put on a smile, and am grateful to have the chance to run my city in one of the most long-standing races in Austin and Texas.

AFM: How long have you been affiliated with the race?

JH: My first race was in 1997 and I have run it 14 times since (plus 3 years virtual: weather + 2 years of COVID). This will be my 15th in person race in 2022 and 18th time participating in the event if you count virtual participation!

AFM: How did you become a race ambassador?

JH: I attended many of the weekend coffee shop runs during COVID and due to my consistent attendance and outgoing vibe at the group runs, I was invited to be an ambassador. This year the Cap10k has many ambassadors of all walks of life, speeds, and abilities.


AFM: What is the process to become a race ambassador?

JH: We are asked to volunteer for other events, attend the community coffee shop runs on Saturdays and write monthly blog posts to drum up excitement around running and the race. The process to become an ambassador for me was pretty simple as I was asked to be one so I just said “yes!”

AFM: How excited are you to be participating in the 45th anniversary of the race?

JH: I am very excited. It has been three years since I’ve run the race as an in person event and it will be very special to see people in their costumes or pushing their limits as we take on the hills of downtown Austin this spring.

AFM: How excited are you being a race ambassador after the unfortunate events that caused the race to be canceled over the past couple of years?

JH: It has been an honor to participate as an ambassador this year to help re-energize the race after it has had to go on hiatus the last three years.

AFM: As a race ambassador, you are representing the Cap10k, how does that feel?

JH: I feel very honored to represent the Cap10k as an ambassador of the race. As a race I have always participated in since my first time running 10k and a born and raised Austinite, being a representative has more special meaning to me than any other race.

AFM: Are you planning on participating in the upcoming race or will you be helping out?

JH: I plan to do both! I hope to help out and volunteer during the times I am not running and I will also be toeing the line and participating for my 18th year.



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