Better Workout Prep and Recovery with MOBO

By Sponsor: MOBO – March 7, 2022

MOBO is the revolutionary myofascial release tool that’s taken the Austin fitness community by storm. Created by local physical therapist, Christie Powell, MOBO combines and improves upon every other myofascial release tool available. That means you can ditch your foam roller and your bag of lacrosse balls because it’s time to take your workout prep and recovery to the next level. 


But what makes MOBO special? It’s unique design allows it to reach muscle groups that are typically difficult to target, and it doesn’t just reach them. Using leverage, you get the exact amount of pressure you need for the perfect release every time. Sounds cool, right? The only hangup is that if you’re new to MOBO, it can be tough to know where to start. We’ve done the groundwork for you and outlined the best MOBO releases to immediately level up your workout routine.


Top Muscle Group Releases with MOBO

  1. Chest Press and Move
    • An effective chest release improves mobility on the front of the body and preps the shoulder for activities like throwing and lifting. Watch the tutorial.
  2. Upper Trap Press and Move – Floor
    • This release is completely unique to MOBO and targets the hard-to-reach upper trap area that sits in between your shoulder and neck, relieving tension caused by the hunched posture most of us take on at our desks during the day. Watch the tutorial.
  3. Hamstring Anchor and Roll
    • If you’re still using a foam roller to roll out your sore or tight hamstrings, you should know that studies have shown ball rolling to be more effective. Taking that a step further, MOBO allows you to anchor the tool on the ground, creating leverage and a deeper release. Watch the Tutorial.
  4. Calf Anchor and Roll
    • Runners will love this release. The calf anchor and roll allows you to anchor the MOBO on the ground to create a deeper release using leverage. This is the perfect running warm up or cool down to ensure your lower leg muscles are ready to go the distance. Watch the Tutorial.
  5. Head and Neck Rolling
    • This is a release anyone can get on board with. Whether you’re an athlete or just have the occasional stiff neck, everyone loves a good neck massage. MOBO is the perfect tool for a quick neck muscle release throughout your day. Watch the Tutorial.

Top Release Combinations

Find these and all of the playlists on the MyMOBO app available on the App Store or Google Play.

  1. Hip Mobility Prep
    • Hip mobility is important for a ton of athletic activities. From soccer to lifting and squatting or running, most athletes can benefit from a thorough hip movement prep.
  2. Shoulder Mobility Prep 
    • Shoulder joints connect your core to your arms, so it’s extremely important that the surrounding muscles are well prepared for activity. Whether you’re pitching or lifting, stability in your shoulder joint is going to prevent injury and improve performance.
  3. Releases for Better Sleep
    • Any athlete knows that good sleep is an essential part of any fitness routine. You can prep your body for bed just like you prep for a workout. Completing a few myofascial releases before bed will help you calm down, and will relax and increase blood flow to your muscles, preparing the cells to heal and regenerate overnight.

Download the My MOBO App

Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. With MOBO’s easy-to-use app, you’ll have access to the recovery information and release techniques you need to care for your muscles and keep your body moving.


Ready to Start Your Mobility Journey?

MOBO is the all-in-one mobility solution that keeps fitness enthusiasts moving forward. MOBO combines the benefits of all common mobility tools in a portable package making it the only complete soft tissue release solution! It’s engineered with an intelligent design that hits the hard-to-reach muscles and comes with ongoing educational support and an easy-to-use app from a team of physical therapists and fitness professionals to ensure you get the most out of your workout and your life.  Shop Now



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