Athleisure Essential for Autumn 2020

By Rachel Cook – September 28, 2020

Athleisure tends to be a category of clothing that is worn and worn until it’s falling apart at the seams. Like that favorite pair of black leggings, so perfect that no one realizes you’ve been wearing the same pair every day. Or that t-shirt with a mysterious stain but works great for at-home-workouts. While it may seem like a luxury, it’s good to refresh your activewear every now and again, even if it’s just adding one new piece. Here, we’ve made a list of brands and broken it down for you by style.


For the classicists, brands like Hanes and Champion that have existed for decades are a no-brainer. They’re readily available on Amazon, affordable and comfortable enough to wear to sleep. The t-shirts and sweats are all listed as “men’s” but it’s effortlessly cool even when styled by women. If you’re feeling bold, you could even cut the sweatshirts into crops and the sweatpants into shorts for a year-round look. 

Newer brands, like Emily Oberg’s Sporty and Rich, are putting their twist on ’90s athletic wear à la Princess Diana. The catch is that she only releases a new drop a few times a season and then they’re gone for good. So you’ll have to be quick if you want to get ahold of a piece you’ve been eyeing. Plus, this sustainable model limits waste by only producing as many pieces as there are orders rather than throwing away all of the unsold clothing items. 

Then for those who are less “gym rat” and more “country club,” L’Etoile Sport is a Park Avenue-based brand that just might the one. The brand is determined to bring feminine and functional tennis and golf attire back into the activewear space. The founder, Yesim Philip, even pays homage to her sports’ history by offering every piece in Wimbledon white. 

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For those after chic activewear that they can feel good about wearing to a studio or their favorite online pilates class, matching sets are a foolproof option. Instagram influencer and entrepreneur, Danielle Bernstein, created the activewear line We Wore What. This season’s drop showcases a gorgeous autumnal color palette and unique patterns you won’t see anyone else wearing. 

Other brands, like Beyond Yoga and Alo Yoga, are all over the internet and for good reason. Beyond Yoga is famous for its soft “Spacedye” fabric that can easily be found in Barre3 studios in Austin. Alo Yoga has some of the most flattering sets around. They offer different cuts of sports bras, tanks, leggings, shorts, and sweatshirts all in the same colors so it’s easy to look chic in their monochromatic looks. 

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And for those who like their activewear to double as their street style, layering is key. AARMY and P.E Nation are two newer brands that are creating cool, urban pieces that are sure to motivate you to get outside and get active. AARMY is a New York and LA-based bootcamp and cycling studio with sleek, geometric performance gear. 

P.E Nation is a brand created by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning. These two are both fashion-forward mothers dedicated to living an active lifestyle. P.E Nation creates technical performance gear that is also stylish and sustainable. They utilize graphic prints and color blocking to create bold designs that make gym class seem a whole lot cooler. 

Lastly, Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure brand whose priority is sustainable fashion and transparency. From fabric to factory to packaging, everything is thoughtfully executed with the planet in mind. Their aesthetic is urban, minimal, and body-inclusive. The sweatsuit sets and legging-bra sets are particularly comfy and cute. They come in a variety of colors you can wear working out, exploring the city, or lounging around at home. Plus, as a bonus, they’re made out of recycled water bottles and fishnets. 


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