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By Caroline Betik – September 1, 2020
Anthony Ferraro, Certified by USA Track & Field, American College of Sports Medicine, TRX 200 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher

Location: Austin

Specializations: Run coaching, Strength training, Personal yoga, Buddy training, Group yoga, High school youth runners, competitive running 

COVID-19 accommodations: Virtual and in-person, socially distanced coaching with mask

Instagram: @anthony_ferraro


Barrett Smith, NSCA—CPT and Strength and Conditioning Coach

Location: Downtown and North Austin 

Specializations: Pain rehabilitation and management, Performance training, Movement integration, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Neurology 

COVID-19 accommodations: Online private sessions 



Olive Daniels, NASM—CPT, Nutritionist 


Location: Houston, TX 

Specializations: Competition prep, weight/fat loss, body toning/sculpting, macros and nutrition 

COVID-19 accommodations: 1-on-1 online personal training

Photo from: @olivethegains


Brandon Davis, B.S. Kinesiology, MAT Specialist, NSCA– Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Location: 6401 Rialto Blvd, Austin, TX 78735

Specializations: Posture alignment, Muscular imbalance correction, Joint instability, Range of motion, Body alignment, neuromuscular work 

COVID-19 accommodations: Online and in person training, 


Chad Kraus, NASM—MCPT, PES

Location: Austin 

Specializations: Strength training, Weight loss, Functional movement training, Kickboxing, Sport specific training, Wellness and lifestyle coaching 

COVID-19 accommodations: in-person or virtual training, online/in-person wellness programs, private outdoor, socially distanced group fitness programs 


Chelsea Profitt, NASM—CPT, Women’s Fitness Specialist

Location: Leander

Specializations: Weight loss, Strength training, Women’s fitness, Healthy lifestyle coaching, Pre/Postnatal coaching

COVID-19 accommodations: Online personal training, Nutrition Coaching



Chris “Protein” Leach, ISSA—CPT

Location:  5716 W US Highway 290 Service Road, 78735

Specializations: offers individualized solutions to your fitness-related goals and problems. 

COVID-19 accommodations:  Video call sessions, training at facilities at a limited capacity


Diana Haggerty, AFAA, ACE, Nutritional Dimension, Practical Pilates Certification

Location: 605 Copeland Street, Austin, Texas 78704 

Specializations: Personal training, nutrition planning, self-care strategies, transformative life coaching to get you in the best health.

COVID-19 accommodations: Virtual fitness classes, virtual training, virtual nutrition coaching, outdoor and indoor socially distance training at 1200 sq ft studio. Trainers from Femme Power will travel to home and outdoor. 


Eric Champ, CPT

Location: Austin

Specializations: Weight loss, strength training, nutrition, general fitness, concurrent training

COVID-19 accommodations: Online training, online couples training

Instagram: @champcityatx


Erik Esquivel, NASM, PES—CPT 

Specializations: Weight loss, Body transformation, Strength training 

COVID-19 accommodations: Private 1-on-1 training, online coaching, semi-private training


Izzy El-Ubaydy, NCFS trainer

Location: Austin

Specializations: Body transformation, Circuit training, Weight training, Kettlebell training, 

COVID-19 accommodations: Online personal training and programs

Jeremy “Roger2Fit” Smith, B.S. Health Science, CPT

Location: Austin

Specializations: Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning, Muscle building, Nutrition, Cardio, HITT

COVID-19 accommodations: 1-on-1 personal online training, 2Fit warriors training programs 

Instagram: @roger2fit


Jesse Ruiz, CF Level 1 Trainer and Strength Coach

Location: North Loop, Austin, TX 78751

Specializations: Focuses on teaching clients to gain control of their lifestyle and to feel empowered in their personal health journey.

COVID-19 accommodations: Offering virtual coaching, remote coaching, in person coaching


Jesse Tyrell Ferguson, PN—L1, CF—L1

 Location: 3rd Element Fitness

Specializations: Crossfit, Muscle building, Wellness, Cupping, Scraping, Nutrition services 

COVID-19 accommodations: In-person personal training & virtual/online coaching

Instagram: @j.t.ferg


Joshua Madrid, NASM and TRX certified trainer

Location: West Lake, South, Central Austin area

Specializations: Weight loss and management, balance/coordination, posture, better overall health, muscle building, strength training, athletic conditioning and endurance 

COVID-19 accommodations: Not specific to coronavirus, Joshua offers come-to-you lessons as his business model. Additionally, virtual training is now being offered for those not comfortable meeting in person yet. 

Facebook: @AustinMobileTrainer 


Kelly Baptista & Ryan Rozz, ACSM Trainer, CPT

Location: 5716 W US Hwy 290 Service Rd, Austin, TX 78735 

Specializations: Weight loss, Strength training, Conditioning, Mobility, Nutrition

COVID-19 accommodations: Private gym training, In-home training, Online training 

Instagram: @kelly_rozz


Kelly Lochte, B.S. in exercise science, CPT

Location: Austin and San Antonio

Specializations: Speed and agility training, Strength training, Personal development 

COVID-19 accommodations: Facetime training, in-person training/group training, monthly meal and workout plans 

Instagram: @fitathleticss


Kim Labruzza, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor, Volleyball Coach

Location: Austin

Specializations: Customized fitness training, kickboxing, boxing, youth volleyball

COVID-19 accommodations: Live online personal training zoom, Individual and small group training 

Instagram: @kimlabruzza2


Marcel Rosenberg, CPT, Coach

Instagram: @marcelr_

Location: Austin 

Specializations: HITT training, strength training, body toning, nutrition tips 

COVID-19 accommodations: 1-on-1, group training and online training 


Marsha & Steven Kushnir, CPT

Location: 1921 Cedar Bend Dr, Austin, TX 78758

Specializations: Bodybuilding, Competition, Body transformation, Muscle building 

COVID-19 accommodations: In-person training, facilities training

Instagram: @mrskushnirfitness


Megan Wessels, ACE-certified personal trainer and TRX Group Suspension Trainer

Location: Austin

Specialization: Tailored to each client with focuses on weight loss, muscle tone, cardio strength, core flexibility, posture and balance all in a motivating and inspiring environment. 

COVID-19 accommodations: Inperson training, in-home training, virtual training 

Facebook: @Megan Wessels 


Mitchell Ward, NASM—CPT, B.S. Kinesiology

Location: 1531 N I-35 Service Rd Unit C1 Pflugerville, TX 78660

Specializations: Weight loss, self-improvement, life transformation, competitor prep, personalized nutrition 

COVID-19 accommodations: Online training, reserved training spots at facility

Instagram: @awardwinningfitness


Morgan Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Kickboxing trainer

Location: Austin

Specializations: Kickboxing, Fight-Inspired Fitness training, Self-Defense, Holistic Performance Nutrition

COVID-19 accommodations: Private and group training, virtual training, travel to in-person


Nikki Elkjer, NASM—CPT

Location: Austin 

Specializations: Holistic wellness, Movement and mobility, Nutrition, Strength

 and conditioning, Sport performance, Stability 

COVID-19 accommodations: Workout programs, virtual training, private training 

Instagram: @nikkielkjerofficial


Nikki Wilson, CPT/GFC

Location: Raw Fitness 9900 S IH 35 Frontage Rd building F, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78748

Specializations: Strength training, Nutrition coaching, Toning, Weight loss

COVID-19 accommodations: In studio social distance bootcamps 

Instagram: @nikkibellfit


Nikki Zahka, Health and Fitness Coach 

Location: Austin

Specializations: Strength training, Body transformation, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Cardio 

COVID-19 accommodations: 1-on-1 personal training

Instagram: getfitwith_nikk


Sondra Lieder, CSCS, CPT, Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer

Location: Online, at-home virtual training

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, general fitness, marathon/triathlon training, pre/post natal, cardiac rehabilitation, injury prevention

Covid-19 accommodations: currently offering online sessions 

Facebook: @Sondra Lieder


Tara Fedorko, Camp Gladiator, CPT  

Instagram: @trainer_tarafit

Location: Austin 

Specializations: Strength and conditioning, HITT, General fitness, Weight loss, Muscle building, Core 

COVID-19 accommodations: in-home virtual, outdoor in-person training 


Veera Korjala, ACE—CPT, M.S. Kinesiology, CYT

Location: Austin 

Specializations: Yoga, Nutrition, HITT, Core, Holistic wellness 

COVID-19 accommodations: Donation based online classes, Online retreats, Online personal training, Online coaching 

Instagram: @veerawellness


Shanna Hein, Shein Hardcore Pilates, CPT

Location: North Austin

Specializations: Pilates, Hashimotos, Holistic wellness, Strength Training, Metabolic Training

COVID-19 accommodations: Virtual training, Online personal training

Instagram: @sheinhc



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