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By AFM Team – August 31, 2018
photo by Brian Fitzsimmons


Molecular hydrogen- infused water is one of the latest trends surrounding the health and fitness industry. 

According to research, molecular hydrogen-infused water is said to relieve pain and inflammation, boost energy, and improve athletic performance. But is it just another fad? 

The brand, HFactor claims to be more than that. Company founder and ceo, Gail Levy, first started researching hydrogen water when her friend and cofounder Barry Orms, a former NBA player, raved about how it helped with his aches and pains.

But what makes it different than regular water? According to the HFactor website, when hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen in regular H2O, they aren’t absorbed as easily. Active hydrogen molecules in infused water become easier to absorb, and go straight into the power centers of cells.

The water is sourced in the midwest and is made by combining hydrogen and fresh water in a natural, patented reverse osmosis process. The purification process requires no magnesium or chemical electrolysis. After it’s purified, the water is infused with molecular hydrogen. And because diatomic hydrogen can escape through plastic and glass, HFactor comes in a sealed pouch or in a can rather than plastic bottles. It can be consumed chilled or room temperature, as long as it’s within 30 minutes of opening. 

As far as whether or not it’s a fad, only time will tell.

From A Pro: 

Jeremy Hills
Former University of Texas and NFL running back, Jeremy Hills, says he’s seen the water improve recovery time in the athletes he trains at Onnit gym. 

Admittedly skeptical at first, during his NFL elite week in July, he saw more players who normally wouldn’t have recovered for afternoon sessions ready to work out after drinking the water.

 “I don’t know all the science behind it, but I’m using those things as markers,” Hills says. “It’s like regular water, only I can see the difference.”



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