Seven Reasons to Try Hammock Camping

By Andrew Glenn and Rebecca Chen (Sponsored) – August 31, 2018


Fall’s arrival cues the pressure of creating the perfect weekend. You’ve decided this is the year to take the crew camping, strategically planned to cure post-summer blues. Campsites are booked, and the stoke is high. While dusting off your gently used gear, memories of forgotten tent stakes, ineffective rain flys, and exhaustive set-up instructions come to mind. Maybe a cabin rental would be a better option…

Wait there, camper. Rather than getting hung up over a complicated camp, leave the hanging to a hammock.

Here are seven reasons to drop that cumbersome tent and pick up a Kammok hammock:

1. Travel lighter
No one likes a heavy pack, whether you’re trekking around town or through the backcountry. The solution? Take less. Kammocks start at just 10 oz and pack down to the size of a soda can. Take a load off and make space for that extra snack or pair of socks.

2. Find camp wherever you are
No matter what the terrain looks like under foot – rocky, sloped, root-filled – your hammock will guarantee you a sound night’s sleep. Stiff muscles and achy backs will be a thing of the past when you take your sleep off the ground.

3. Set up and break down camp faster
Needing only two straps to sling around trees, hammocks make camp set-up quick and easy. No tarp poles to construct, no sleeping pad to inflate, no tent stakes to hammer. Get to roasting s’mores before the chocolate disappears.

4. Adapt to Texas’ mood swings
Hammocks help you beat the heat while still enjoying time under the Texas sky. Breathable fabric makes the Lone Star state’s extended summers and unseasonal temperature spikes a non-issue for the elevated camper. Cold front? Use a cozy underquilt for additional warmth.

5. Sleep better
Let your hammock rock you into more restorative sleep. According to a study by neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, “rocking increased the length of N2 sleep, a form of non-REM sleep that takes up about half of a good night’s rest.” Scientists also found that the rocking motion of a hammock helps you fall asleep faster. 

6. Leave no trace
By suspending your sleeping quarters above ground, you leave a smaller footprint at your campsite. Our tree-friendly straps minimize stress on tree bark by distributing weight across 1.5 inches of webbing. Camp in a hammock and keep Mother Nature looking fresh. 

7. Experience dust-free versatility
Wrapping up the trip? No longer will your favorite gear need to be tucked away. Our gear is designed for dynamic use, from an afternoon trip to Zilker to an extended trek in Big

Bend Country. Fall in love with your Swiss Army adventure companion and keep it close at hand.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be making great memories outdoors this fall. While summer offers its swimming holes and Sno-Beach delight, we welcome the change of seasons and the stillness it offers. Try sleeping under the stars, and create moments you’ll want to share at Thanksgiving; stories of learning, shared experiences, and breached comfort zones in the outdoors. We’ll see you at camp.



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