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By Carrie Barrett – August 31, 2018
Photography by Outdoorsy


Austin may be known as the Live Music Capital of the World, but it’s also quickly emerging as the Outdoor Capital of the World—or, as some would say, the Outdoorsy Capital of the World. 

In April 2018, online RV sharing platform, Outdoorsy, moved their headquarters from San Francisco to the heart of Austin, where they are currently finishing the build-out of a new, state-of-the-art office space in the heart of the capital city. 

Why did they choose Austin for their new headquarters?

“We settled on Austin as our new headquarters due to several reasons including the artsy vibe and low tax base,” says Outdoorsy CEO, Jeff Cavins. “For our employees, the cost of living is a huge perk compared to San Francisco. Now they can get a two-bedroom condo overlooking the city with a two-car parking garage and a swimming pool. Other business reasons for the move include the talent pool depth among millennials, Austin’s top city award for job seekers, and the vast award-winning park system.” 

Outdoorsy is part of the online, shared, peer-to-peer economy boom, much like Airbnb. With Outdoorsy, instead of renting out homes or apartments, owners can earn money by renting out their personal RVs, travel trailers, or campervans directly to curious adventure-seekers interested in experiencing life on the road—without the long-term commitment.  

RV travel isn’t just for retired folks anymore. In fact, according to KOA’s 2017 North America Camping Report, one of the largest growth segments in this booming industry is millennials followed by young families with kids. 

Not sure if RV travel is your cup of tea? Rent one for a short weekend getaway—or as a traveling companion for your next race weekend—and keep your sense of adventure close and modern day comforts (like a bed and a bathroom) closer. 

Heading to a concert or a sporting event and don’t want spend thousands of extra dollars on flights, meals, and hotels? Rent an RV and enjoy meals, showers, and naps in the comfort of your own home on wheels.

Need to take the kids to a long-distance soccer tournament and don’t want to fly or travel jam-packed in your own vehicle? An RV offers a budget-friendly solution, not to mention it comes with a side of  family bonding and hard-to-rival sightseeing opportunities. 

If you’ve been contemplating the RV life, slow your roll, step into the driver’s seat for a test drive, and start exploring. You’ll most likely learn that you don’t really need much in life—as long as there is a s’mores kit and the light of a crackling campfire waiting at your final destination.



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