September 2018

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First day of racing ends at Circuit of The Americas

It's a perfect day for Formula 1

Fix Their Form - Pilates for children

Formula 1, Austin-style, is a hit already

Farm to Table Benefits are Endless

Could you ask for a better day at Circuit of The Americas?

Napoleon Ultra covers East Texas over seven days in December

Travel tips from Circuit of The Americas

Formula One--where speed and safety meet

Discover the Great Outdoorsy

RV Sharing Platform Moves HQ to Austin

Rowing Dock Stand Up Paddleboard Workout

Balance is a crucial element of a full body workout but it’s often left out. Our solution? Do your workout on a stand up paddleboad. Worst case you fall in the water and cool off!

Protecting and Serving

People have been coming to Austin for over 10,000 years because the vast natural resources, fresh water, and distinct geology provide a unique spot for people to gather. While we can (and sometimes do) go on for days about the wonders of Austin’s treasured landscape, there is another treasure in the central Texas park scene, the Park Rangers who protect and preserve this cherished green space.

Healthy No-Cook Camping Snacks

Have these snacks ready for long days of exploring, or when you’re too tired and sweaty to heat up the camp stove.

Being Human: Connecting Back to an Ancestral Lifestyle in the 21st Century

Our lifestyles today are a far cry from the lifestyles of our forefathers, but one local is working to change it.

Seven Reasons to Try Hammock Camping

Discover creative camping with Kammok

A Camping Guide to Central Texas

In a city full of outdoor enthusiasts, it makes sense camping is popular activity. Fortunately for Austinites, you don’t have to go far to find the perfect spot to pitch camp.

Athlete Spotlight: David Fuentes

At Austin Fit, we strive to know all the athletes among us in our community. David Fuentes is an elite distance runner and a member of the USATF Mountain Running Team. He was a part of of the team that won gold at the 2016 World Championships, and is currently training for the World Championships in Andorra taking place on September 16. We caught up with him to hear more about what mountain running training looks like in our wonderful city of Austin.

Community Corner: The Healing Power of Horses

For over a decade, RED Arena, located in Dripping Springs, has offered equine therapy services in the central Texas area. Owner, Jennifer Young’s passion for equine therapy began after seeing how effective being on a horse was for helping with balance, core strength, and stretching for children with cerebral palsy.

Like Riding a Bike

A perfect combination of outdoors, adrenaline, and fitness, the Mx Factory makes learning to ride motorcycles as easy as riding a bike.

The H Factor

What is Hydrogen Water and Should You Be Drinking it?

Climb On, Austin

While rock climbing and central Texas might not obviously go hand in hand, two gyms are helping Austin’s climbing community reach new heights.

Adventure Guide

You've got the wanderlust, we've got the goods

Top Notch Hamburgers Lemonade Recipe

September is one of Austin’s hottest months. Cool off with this refreshing lemonade from Top Notch Hamburgers. Cute kid and stand not included, but highly recommended.