September 2017

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Medical FAQ: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The Body Issue: Karen Pierce

Impact Facts

Everything you need to know about high versus low-impact exercise.

To 1,000 and Beyond

Escaping the Brain Drain

Dr. Adrian Ward explains how smartphones can sabotage concentration—even when they’re turned off—and what you can do about it.

Family Health Chiropractic

Choosing a Chiropractor: What You Need to Know

The Body Issue: Sergeant Omar "Crispy" Avila

Green Clean

Eco-friendly and effective cleaning products without harsh chemicals.

New to Austin: September 2017

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks.

From Sweat to Style

Transforming trainers outside the gym.

Discover: Pease Park

Rediscover this tree-lined park and Austinites’ favorite refuge from the sun.

FML Workout: HIIT

Free Day of Yoga

Organize Your Life

The Body Issue: Tyler Haney

Unwind Your Mind

If you’re going to be hooked to your smartphone, at least use it in a way that will enhance mindfulness. Try any of these five meditation apps to bring more clarity and peace to your daily life.

The Body Issue: "Mighty Kacy" Catanzaro

Battling Your Body

Even the fittest folks struggle with body image. Here’s how they manage the love–hate relationship.

Men’s Health

Sushi Made Simple

Nigiri and maki rolls are easy (and fun) to make in your own kitchen!

Superherbs: All About Adaptogens

Whether you’re feeling stressed or your immune system is begging for a reboot, these natural supplements aid in your body’s response to stress and other ailments.

From Degeneration to Regeneration. Keeping You Doing What You Love!

Ask Sam Now: September 2017

Welcome to Sam’s hot sauna! Home of straight talk without the B.S. Open and frank advice on matters ranging from practical to taboo. Topics of discussion include health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, supplements, and sex—so ask Sam now!

American Chiropractic Clinic

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