Zip Walking with the Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag

By Advertisers – September 3, 2013

Are you looking for better health, more energy and less stress? Do you want to fight obesity, strengthen your core and restore your balance so you don’t slip and fall easily? The Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag is the best fitness tool on the market that will help you have it all.

We go outside for a walk hoping to get a little exercise and usually "little" is exactly what we get. Our mind isn't focused. Our energy is still sleeping. We're drifting in thought, texting or talking with friends while walking with just enough effort to fool ourselves into believing it's making a big difference in our health and fitness. That's why people of all fitness levels are starting to walk with the Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag.

A map of the brain shows that the nerve endings on your fingertips correspond to more areas of the brain than almost any other part of the body area except the tongue and lips. Therefore, hand exercise can be useful in stimulating the neurons in the brain.

Science has shown that finger exercise enlarged the capacity of the brain, increased neuron connections, and increased oxygen circulation to the brain. That's where the Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag becomes useful while walking.

The key to using the bag is to activate the finger arch locking mechanism into a power grip, forcing the fingertips into the bag. When used correctly while walking, it works the entire core muscles in the trunk of your body.

Tai chi and yoga practitioners are enjoying another major benefit in this whole body exercise, especially when you incorporate imagination with specific breathing and listening technique. The Z-Energy Bag helps you store chi elastic energy in all the tendons, connective tissue, and joints of the body including the TMJ temporal mandibular joint.

One of the basic goals of both tai chi and yoga is to relax and open the joints of the body. The Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag helps you put your mind inside your joints. Using your mind, the joints open up like an action spring or blossom lotus flower from the inside-out rather than relaxing and stretching them from the outside-in.

The bag exterior is a durable cotton denim cloth and the interior is filled with mung beans. Mung beans inside hand exercise bags have been recommended for centuries by Kung Fu Masters. It's been believed that, as the beans break down, a curative powder forms from the beans and works through the bag into your hands.

Wake up your brain's energy and store chi elastic energy in your body while walking on a regular basis with the Z-Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag. You'll never regret it.

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