The Pulse: September 2013

By AFM – September 3, 2013

Heartbeat of Austin's Fitness Scene

The goings-on at outdoor festivals are almost as fun as the music. Play ACL Blackout Bingo—all squares must be covered to win.

Book Bit
From Nano Workouts: Get in Shape and Lose Weight During Everyday Activities by Joakim Christofersson

Chapter 4: Bathroom Workouts
Did you know that on average women spend almost five full days in the bathroom every year? For men it’s slightly less, but they still average just below four days. That’s a whole lot of time that can be used in far better ways than reading yesterday’s newspaper or playing some random game on your iPhone.

The bathroom might be an unorthodox place to work out, but there are several awesome exercises you can do here. What’s also great about bathroom workouts is that opportunities occur constantly throughout the day. If you make a habit to do just one exercise each time you go, this will add up to some massive numbers. For instance, if you work out when brushing your teeth—which is two minutes, twice a day—your toothbrush workouts will add up to more than 24 hours a year.

Worth it or Waste it?
Cronut: hybrid croissant and donut
Calories: 400 (estimated—recipes vary greatly)
The Burn: 30 minutes of one of the following*
Running (at 11.5 minutes per mile)
Biking (14-16 mph)
High-impact step aerobics
Three ten-minute sessions of jumping rope
Elliptical trainer
*based on 185-pound weight

AFM'sZen Out Spotify Playlist
We Own The Sky — M83
Look into The Air — Explosions In The Sky
Summertime Sadness — Lana Del Rey
Dreamers — Savoir Adore
Ghost Towns — Radical Face
I'm Getting Ready — Michael Kiwanuka
Drive Darling — BOY
Like the Dawn — The Oh Hello's
Counting — Autre Ne Veut


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