The 2013 Mind-Body Guide

By Advertisers – September 3, 2013

As we become more connected by technology, let’s not forget to unplug every once in awhile and take care of the mind/body connection that makes us who we are. In this year’s Mind/Body Guide, we share some local profiles of yoga, dance, barre, and Pilates studios that help us regain this connection and provide balance in our lives. Whether it’s pushing your body to its limits physically, relaxing your mind to let go of stress, or simply being around others that make you happy, give one of these workout options a shot. Open up your mind, flex your body, and try something new—you’ll thank yourself!

Featuring: barre3; Pure Barre; Choices Wellness Performance; Ballet Austin; The Bar Method; Go Dance Studio; Todd Pilates

115 Sandra Muraida Way • Suite 103 • Austin, TX 78703
12800 Hill Country Boulevard • Suite G-100 • Bee Cave, TX 78738 • 512-391-6200 • 512-243-5233

barre3 just celebrated its one-year anniversary at its two Austin locations (Downtown and Hill Country Galleria), succeeding in helping its growing community become more lean, balanced and strong. barre3 is a highly effective 60-minute workout combining the grace of ballet, the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. The ballet barre is designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement, resulting in long, lean muscles. barre3 draws from multiple influences to create innovative classes that focus on length, grace and a healthy body.

Both Austin studios are locally owned by sisters, Kimberly Miller Goldberg and Tara Miller Heavner. Together they have a genuine love for family, fitness and adventure. Over the years, both have devoted endless hours to their yoga and Pilates practice. Kim, a former outdoor boot camp owner, and Tara, a seasoned runner completing nine marathons, both began incorporating barre philosophy into their workouts for added strength and flexibility. The sisters did extensive research on which barre-based philosophy honored their fitness interests and backgrounds, and fell in love with barre3’s focus on balance, proper alignment, intense core work and strong yoga influence.

All ages, fitness levels, and both genders are welcome. And the bonus for parents? Children can chill in the “Play Lounge” while parents find their balance- mind, body, spirit. Kim and Tara, both mothers of young children, find it imperative to offer a safe place for children to play so parents have an opportunity to enjoy a challenging, incredibly effective workout. barre3 also gives careful consideration to its community of moms, offering pre/post natal programs with adjustments for new and expecting moms in each class.

Currently the barre3 Austin family consists of 35 employees, including 15 fully certified barre3 instructors, who share a passion for barre3 and zest for life. The inviting barre3 staff warmly welcomes everyone to experience barre3. Both studios boast natural light, modern decor, and huge picture windows creating an energizing and zen-like space for the 60-minute concise workout. Each location also includes a spa inspired locker room with shower and free garage parking just steps from the front door.

Kim and Tara are looking forward to what’s ahead for the barre3 Austin community. They have made it a priority to focus on community inside the studios and beyond by participating in local charities, hosting open community events, and forming lasting friendships. “We are on a mission to ‘Keep Austin Balanced… Mind, Body, Spirit’. We strive to be a ’3rd place’ after work and home, so leading a healthy lifestyle becomes an integrated way of life.” The 3 in barre3 symbolizes balance, a core value of barre3’s business, practice and life.

New clients can take advantage of two specials: 3 classes for $30 and the $99 Unlimited Month. barre3 Austin offers over 75 classes each week at both studios, scheduled from 6am throughout the day to 7pm. Reservations are available at

pure-barrePure Barre
Westlake: 3267 Bee Caves Road • Ste 120 • Austin, TX 78746
Arboretum: 10710 Research Blvd. • Ste 316 • Austin, TX 78759 • (512) 574-8644 • (512) 574-2344

LIFT . TONE . BURN is the motto by which pure barre is known and for a very good reason as it has created the best seats in town! Pure barre has swept the nation with the best barre technique out there and has taken Austin by storm with three locations. This technique delivers a lifted seat, toned thighs and a burn that hurts so good, focusing on the areas women want to work. Pure barre fuses elements of dance, pilates and yoga but takes a very athletic approach to these techniques, in turn creating a workout that everyone can relate to. It also lends the fastest results by working to maximum fatigue with clients seeing changes in 10 classes or less. You do not need years of dance experience to attend classes. There is a fit whether you run marathons or haven’t worked out in a few years. Classes are friendly, fun, upbeat and fast pace while still allowing you to work your personal zone.

This 55minute full- body workout is your personal time to escape both mentally and physically. We utilize small isometric movements to work your muscles to fatigue and then we stretch to lengthen them. The workout is challenging and includes both elements of repetition and inventiveness. This allows you to monitor your progress while experiencing new challenges simultaneously. The class requires a strong mental focus training the mental aspects of personal growth along with the physical aspects.

At pure barre our mission is to inspire and motivate our clients to be their best self. This mission has created the business from top to bottom and you can feel the sense of community at our studios. Our owner, Rashanna Moss created this mission out of her own personal desire to help others. She was completely inspired by the technique when she first attended the studio in Nashville, TN where she lived at the time. Pure barre truly is an environment where everyone knows your name. Our teachers are thoroughly trained in the technique itself, while creatively encouraging clients to put their best efforts forward.

Upon your first visit, come open-minded and expect to be challenged as the technique requires a strong mind/body connection in order to perform isolated movements of certain muscle groups. Arrive a little early so that we can walk you through the process and of course…do not forget a pair of socks. We encourage you contact us with any questions and we look forward to having you join our movement to keep Austin tucked!

Where Elegance meets Strength

choice-wellnessChoices Wellness Peak Performance
500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy • Bldg 6, suite 125 • Austin, Texas 78746 • (512) 201-4042

Do you see yourself as an excellent athlete not quite living up to full potential? Do you sometimes feel your residual injuries and mental conversations get in the way of your best athletic self?

Participate in Choices Wellness’ Peak Performance Package, and a magical combination of practitioners join forces to help you or your child. Reach highest levels of performance on the field, no matter which sport.

What we don’t do: You won’t learn the best moves from past champions, the ways other athletes think or new footwork. You have coaches for those basics.

What we will do is so much more specific for you and Who You Are, both on and off the field. We customize to your needs to take you to the top.

Your Peak Performance skills are inside you at all times, not just during games. You feel it as you move and you see it in your results. Bring out your best when it matters.

If purchased individually, this athlete’s dream costs over $1130. As a package, we are offering it right now for only $825. Limited availability at this price.

The Program
All Ages from 8 through Adult

5 Visits: Active Release Technique Certified Chiropractor
• Range of Motion analysis
• Restoration of scar tissue pliability
• Injury Repair with Kinesio Tape
• Increase your flexibility and resilience
• Improve performance and consistency

3 Visits: Certified Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner
• Discover hidden self-sabotage and turn it around
• Unleash your Peak Performance state, on and off the field
• Tap into maximum mental toughness
• Master mental skills and transfer to any playing field

1 Visit: Naturopathic Doctor
• Increase Stamina, Strength, and Focus
• Get a personalized diet for your highest energy
• Find out which supplements you should – and shouldn't – be taking
• Heighten success with lifestyle and food changes

Call today (512) 201-4042

ballet-austinBallet Austin
501 W 3rd St Austin, TX 78701 • (512) 501-8704

Did you know that dancing makes you smarter? Research shows evidence that dancing stimulates the mind and can keep the brain fit. And speaking of fitness, did you know that dance is a great way to burn big calories? An hour of vigorous dancing can burn between 500 and 800 calories and is a lot more fun than going nowhere on the treadmill.

Ballet Austin’s Butler Community School is the place to go to be a part of the trend in fitness; dancing to get in shape. Though dance has been around for centuries, dance for fitness is relatively new. The Butler Community School offers an ever growing schedule of popular dance fitness classes such as Zumba®, Turbo Kick®, Ballet Fit, Cardio Blast, Bollywood Fitness, and Hula Fitness. Dance is great cardio, improves muscle tone and coordination, relieves stress, and improves overall health and well-being. And it’s such a blast!

The Butler Community School offers a great value on drop-in dance and fitness classes 7 days a week. Start any time and come when you can, mixing and matching the over 70 classes each week to build a workout schedule that is tailor made just for you. In addition to dance fitness classes you will find classes such as Arms & Abs, Below the Belt, Body Strong, Pilates Cardio, Pilates Resistance Band, and more.
Introductory specials make it easy to get started. Visit for more information.

Butler Community School
“I have enjoyed taking a variety of dance fitness and conditioning classes at Ballet Austin’s Butler Community School. I love the variety, the flexibility, and the affordability of their drop-in class program. The classes are welcoming and inviting. It’s truly the best workout center in Austin and so much fun!” ~ Sarah H.

bar-methodThe Bar Method
1611 W 5th St #125 • Austin, TX 78703 • (512) 391-0921

What’s the difference?

The difference is challenge. The Bar Method instructors really know their students and push them each to achieve their best every time they step into the studio. The students are tough, they stick with it and they achieve amazing results.

The difference is precision. The Bar Method instructors will adjust your form—even if it’s just half and inch. Why? Because that tiny adjustment actually makes a huge difference in changing the shape of your muscles and creating a lean, tapered body.

The difference is discipline. To keep your body safe, to offer more targeted sculpting through effective, isometric movement, and to allow students the opportunity to find new depths and new challenges within themselves.

The difference is The Bar Method.

Go-DanceGo Dance Studio
2525 W Anderson Ln #530 • Austin, TX 78757 • (512) 339-9391
Lakeway (coming Fall 2013) 512.646.2747

When you’re looking for an activity that will benefit both your mind and body, ballroom and social dancing are strong contenders. Not only will you have the time of your life partner dancing, but you won’t realize you’re burning 150 to 500 calories per hour and improving your brain power. In 2003, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study which cited partner dancing as one of the only physical activities that when done on a regular basis significantly reduces the chances of age-related memory loss and dementia. The fact that partner dancing is a great physical activity comes as no surprise, but how has it earned top placement against other physical activities at preventing age-related cognitive decline? It turns out that it is the constant decision making which gives the brain its workout. In partner dancing, as the leader, you time your own steps to the music, judging where your partners are in their steps in order to find the best time to initiate your leads for the next movement, all while maneuvering around other couples on the floor. As the follower, you are making one micro decision after another in order to read all of the cues being given by the leader to match your movements to your partner’s, creating the classic elegance of “moving as one” across the dance floor. With this many variables, no two dances are ever exactly alike, and that keeps your brain on its toes!

todd-pilatesTodd Pilates
4032 S Lamar Blvd. • Austin, TX 78704 • (512) 659-6740

This ain’t your mama’s Pilates. Our Pilates and Barre classes are total body workouts that are both fun and affordable. Here’s what our customers say about ToddPilates Fitness:

“Fun challenging fitness set to a good beat. I always come out of class smiling.”

“Great staff, unbelievable schedule of classes (no excuse for not fitting in a workout), and good variety of classes.”

“Positive, upbeat workouts to great music. Routines are fun, diverse, and challenging. Wonderful, friendly instructors and a beautiful studio!”

“It is a refreshing exercise experience. Walking into the gym feels like walking into the dentist office. Walking into Todd’s is more like walking into a spa.”

“The energy when you walk into the studio is fabulous and I know I am going to get a killer workout each and every class.”

“Quality of classes, quality/clean equipment, ease of check in, little touches like hibiscus tea and almonds, great instructors who learn your name, workouts that have changed my body.”

“The high energy up-beat atmosphere. Awesome music and a great workout with excellent instruction!”

“The staff & instructors are so helpful & friendly. They really want you to enjoy the experience & get the best work out that you can.”

• First class FREE
• As low as $6.00/class
• No membership or start up fees; no contracts
• Mats and props provided FREE
• 20% OFF any package on first visit
• Babysitting services in select classes
• Plenty of free parking
• 50 classes/week (morning, midday, evening)

Schedule your first class FREE on our site,
You will love the results!


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