Healthy, Fun Nails

By Michelle Suggs – September 3, 2013

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and having healthy, strong nails can often be overlooked. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your at-home manicures and a look at some trends for this Fall.

First and Lasting – Never underestimate the power of a base coat. Base coats can prevent your nails from being stained by dark colors and increase the life of your manicure. Try choosing a base coat that will cater to your needs. There are plenty to help strengthen the nails, and there are bonders that will make polish last much longer.

Fit to be Filed – File in one direction and shape your nails to match the shape of the cuticle for the most natural look. Avoid filing nails in a back and forth direction, since this can cause splitting.

Always on Top – A topcoat is a must when it comes to the proper manicure. It adds a beautiful, glossy shine and prolongs the life of your manicure. If you’re on the go, there are quick-drying formulas that will have your polishes dry in no time.

Don't be a Cutter! – Cutting your cuticles is not a safe habit when it comes to healthy nails. Cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and prevent serious infections. Simply moisturize them every day with cuticle oil or a split vitamin E soft gel. During every manicure, push those babies back with a cuticle pusher and trim away loose, dead skin.

The Color Purple
Famous fashion designers (such as Alexander McQueen) are integrating purples into their fall collections. If you want to stay on trend in your own way, try an eggplant or a lilac. If you’re not sure about purple polish, use one with a red tint. Maroon is also popular among designers this year.

Dare to Go Nude
One of the more important tips this fall is to keep it low key. Instead of the popular French manicure, go completely nude. Opt out of the white lines and try a nude polish that will best compliment your skin tone.

It Can Be Easy Being Green
Another trend for this season is incorporating green into your style. Be playful by adding an emerald green into your polish collection. Mock a French manicure, but use different shades of green if you can’t decide which shade to go with.

Magnetize it
A simple nail trend this year is using magnetic nail polishes. These create a cool effect without all of the hard work, if you’re new with nail art. Most polishes come with a magnet attached to the handle so all you have to do is paint and glide the magnet above your nail for the effect.

Shine Bright
Instead of going matte, go for a polish with a high shine. Try a glitter or metallic polish to top off your earthy color scheme. Feeling bold? Attempt a glitter ombré. Dab a cosmetic sponge into a glitter polish, then dab it onto the nail from the tip, and feather it upwards. Repeat until you get the desired look, and voilà!


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