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By Advertisers – September 21, 2011

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2499 South Capital of Texas Hwy, Ste 202
Austin, TX 78746
512.328.4440 |

Started in 2006, JoyMoves has emerged as one of Austin’s most popular and best-reviewed Pilates studios.

According to Co-founder, Shoshana Goldstein, “Our emphasis is on helping clients achieve their fitness goals using ‘classical’ Pilates – and by ‘classical’ we mean Pilates as Joseph Pilates created it. We have a ‘classes’ side of our business and a ‘Privates and Duets’ side of it. As for classes, we offer more than 30 each week and divvy them up between Mat/Tower, Reformer, and Chair. We intentionally keep the class sizes small – typically you’ll see three to five people in a class. Classes are for clients whose main consideration is affordability. We also have a membership model for classes that’s unique among Austin’s Pilates studios. Basically, as part of your membership, you can take any type of class. Private and Duet sessions, of course, get you more personalized attention, and these are taught in a spacious separate studio from where classes are taught.”

More from Shoshana: “Ten years before I started teaching Pilates, I took a Private Pilates session from a local trainer. It didn’t work for me. My main problem was that the trainer did so little with me. We probably only did a handful of exercises during the entire 55-minute session. I didn’t know what the point of the whole thing was. Fast-forward to today and at JoyMoves we have distinct strategies of ‘get them moving,’ ‘make sure they feel some accomplishment,’ and ‘no matter who teaches it, the flow of the class is always the same.’ Each of these strategies supports the client having a successful and healthy experience with us.”

It’s not hard to see what members love about JoyMoves. The studio is warm and inviting – made out of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials – and their Pilates trainers are attentive and have extensive training. When you top that off with some of the best prices in town and a convenient location near the Barton Creek Mall – you’ve got a keeper! Their clientele range from soccer moms to triathetes, and in ages from 13 to 70.

Del Sol Martial Arts & Fitness

11190 Circle Dr, #103, Austin, TX 78736 | 512.535.4749 |

Thomas Leverett and Claudia Castro Leverett, bestselling authors and owners of Del Sol Martial Arts & Fitness, have combined their passions and skills to create an uplifting, strengthening, and rejuvenating experience at Del Sol Martial Arts & Fitness. Specializing in a number of disciplines that interlace to leave you confident, centered, and empowered, you will soon find that Del Sol is not your regular fitness studio.

Weaving disciplines like Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Hardstyle Russian Kettlebells, Vegan Cooking, CrossFit, Qigong, and Praying Mantis Kung Fu, they have managed to put together programs that can change with you as your body does. Beginning with age four and going on up as far as you want, Del Sol truly has something for everybody.

With a great family-friendly atmosphere, Del Sol meets you where you are and takes you to where you want to go. From private training to meal planning, from the kitchen to the yoga mat, Del Sol is ready to support you on your journey to self transformation.

On your first consultation, Del Sol checks major movement patterns to determine which exercises are good to go and which ones will have to be worked to ensure proper form. This makes all movement patterns fundamentally sound and ready for resistance training in the safest way possible. They truly care about you and your goals and will go the extra mile to get you there.

Del Sol Martial Arts & Fitness also offers meal services designed specifically for you that can vary from delivery to weekly shopping lists and menus. With accountability, support, and commitment, the staff at Del Sol will see you to the finish line.

CrossFit and Hardstyle Russian Kettlebell Training are the two strength and conditioning programs at Del Sol. Both teach you to tap into those deep reserves of strength you never had occasion to reach for. Go heavy, go hard, go intense — you decide what that means for your body.

If you seek a more meditative outlet, you can find balance in your everyday life with yoga, kung fu, or qigong, all designed to expand your perspective by focusing inward and developing the individual from the inside out. Learning to use your breath in a restorative way, you begin to actively and consciously remove stress and relieve tension from your mind and body while still having a challenging and invigorating experience.

There are preschool on up to adult martial arts classes. It's not unusual to find your four-year-old running an obstacle course, or balancing on one foot with a bean bag on his head, while dad swings a sword around like Jett Li. All programs help students gain command of themselves while increasing their awareness of each other and their community at large. They focus on ideas like kindness, self control, courage, and a non-quitting spirit, to name a few.

If you are looking to go hard or soft, or hard and soft, Del Sol Martial Arts and Fitness has an answer for you, your kids, your friends,
your community.

CORE Therapy and Pilates

3534 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78746
512.215.4227 |

Unique, CORE Therapy & Pilates located in beautiful West Austin takes pride in offering corrective as well as preventative therapy. Family-directed and physical therapist-owned, individualized care is always provided Monday through Saturday at CORE Therapy & Pilates. Recently remodeled, the clinic and studio house the most up-to-date Pilates and GYROTONIC® equipment in the area and offer teacher-training programs to qualified practitioners!

Using the Pilates Method and GYROTONIC® Corrective Training Principles, each skilled therapist and practitioner is readily available to you during each session. Therapy may extend from highly-skilled, hands-on manual therapy to very specialized individual or group core-control training. Whether it is pain, a loss of joint range of motion, or weakness and inflexibility, the educated practitioners at CORE Therapy & Pilates can help you return to any activity or exercise regime.

Specialized Care including:
Non-surgical as well as post-surgical
Physical Therapy
Private or group Feldenkrais training sessions
Medical Massage Therapy
Core Strength & Flexibility training
Fostering Growth and Wellness: Connecting mind, body, and spirit

Pure Barre

Westlake: 3267 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78746

Arboretum: 10710 Research Blvd, Suite 316, Austin, TX 78735

512.574.8644 (Westlake) and 512.574.2344 (Arboretum) |

LIFT. TONE. BURN is the motto by which Pure Barre (PB) is known and for a very good reason, as it is creating the best seats in town! This technique delivers a lifted seat, toned thighs, and a burn that hurts so good while melting away fat. Like other barre workouts, PB fuses elements of dance, pilates, and yoga but adds a very athletic approach to these techniques, creating a workout that everyone can relate to. It also lends fast results with clients seeing changes in 10 classes or fewer. You do not need years of dance experience to attend our classes. Whether you run marathons or haven’t worked out in years, PB is a great fit. Classes are friendly, fun, upbeat, and fast-paced while still allowing you to work your personal zone.

This 55-minute full-body workout is your personal time to escape both mentally and physically. We utilize small isometric movements to work your muscles to fatigue and then we stretch to lengthen them out. The workout is challenging and includes both elements of repetition and inventiveness. This allows you to monitor your progress while experiencing new challenges simultaneously.

At Pure Barre our mission is to inspire and motivate our clients to be their best selves. This mission has created the business from top to bottom and you can feel the sense of community at our studios. Pure barre’s owner, Rashanna Moss-Lowry created this mission out of her own personal desire to help others. She was completely inspired by the technique when she first attended the studio in Nashville, TN, where she lived at the time. Despite having a Masters in Kinesiology, a marriage to an NFL player, and a past career with Nike, which all should be considered the ultimate sport/fitness experience, she has never found anything more inspiring than Pure Barre. After she and her husband, Calvin, were displaced from her home in Nashville by the 2010 floods, they found motivation to move to Austin and start their first studio. This amazing journey continued when they were blessed with a talented staff that passionately cares about their clients, the technique, and each other. Pure Barre truly is an environment where everyone knows your name. Our teachers are thoroughly trained in the technique and are skilled at encouraging clients put their best efforts forward.

Upon your first visit, come open-minded and expect to be well challenged as the technique requires a strong mind/body connection in order to perform isolated movements of certain muscle groups. Arrive a little early so that we can walk you through the process and, of course, do not forget a pair of socks. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and we look forward to having you join our movement to keep Austin tucked!

reForm Pilates

3110 Windsor Road, Suite A, Austin, TX 78703
512.236.9595 |

What would your perfect workout be? Imagine one that would improve your cycling cadence, lengthen your stride, or increase the speed of your swim stroke. It would also help you achieve long, strong muscles and a lean, toned body. You have just described Pilates. The goal of Pilates is to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility, a balance of opposing muscle groups, and to encourage people to connect mind and body. More importantly, it makes everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike, taller, straighter, and stronger.

Modern Pilates serves many purposes, including, but not limited to, rehabilitation from injury or illness and sports and fitness training. Today it has evolved from a set number of classical positions into a practice with an infinite number of approaches that can be tailored to each client. Creating more efficient movement by strengthening your core, Pilates works outward from the abdominals to the rest of the body. It also promotes bone health and joint stability while supporting the spine, greatly reducing or eliminating back pain.

At reform, we have always taken a unique approach to Pilates and believe that it is the ultimate cross-training program. Each one of our 14 instructors specializes in catering to an individual’s specific needs, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each session. We draw from extensive training in not only Pilates but dance, yoga, personal training, strength training, physical therapy, nutrition, and massage therapy. We offer myriad private, duo, and group Pilates classes, Gyrotonic sessions and fusion classes such as Core Barre and TRX Pilates, striving to motivate, encourage, and improve people’s lives one muscle at a time. We have recently added nutritional consultation through a wellness consultant to help you complete the transformation of mind and body. When you schedule with us you are not just setting up a workout. Each of us are inspiring and passionate about your health, fitness, and play. The reForm team keeps abreast of the latest fitness trends in nutrition and lifestyle balance, as we strive individually and as a group to keep workouts fun in a nurturing environment. Variety puts people into a new state of mind and constantly challenges the body.

reForm Pilates is a beautiful, open, spacious studio located in central Austin just minutes from downtown. You might even run into someone—or several someones—­that you know. Come see us for a full lifestyle change through modern and classical Pilates. Our ultimate objective is to refine your mind and define your body!

Be Yoga

43 Rainey St. #104, Austin, TX 78701
512.469.0224 |

The studio, located at 43 Rainey St., is immediately adjacent to the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. Built from scratch, Be Yoga features 1000 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows providing ample natural light with a great view of the lake and surrounding parks. Locally-bought cork floors from Eco Wise, large-scale projectors instead of mirrors, and high-end finishes give Be Yoga a clean, spacious, modern architectural feel. The studio features a team of 13 yoga instructors from greatly varied certifications– who have a range of special interest services available including reiki, dosha, massage, and crystal healing. There’s also plenty of convenient street parking in a location mere blocks from the downtown core.

Be Yoga offers a variety of classes for a range of levels, heated and non-heated, including hatha, ashtanga, restorative, hot vinyasa, and kundalini, as well as beginner-oriented gentle classes. Weekday classes are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with weekend classes from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., every other hour (on the even hour), seven days a week. In addition to the regular schedule, private sessions are available for those who want or require individual attention.

To keep things simple, Be Yoga operates on a donation model, with a suggested donation of $20.

“After my certification, I knew that my 13-year love affair with yoga was getting serious,” laughs owner and instructor CiCi Parsons. “For years, I dreamt about opening a studio of my own. I had been saving up for a long time, so I focused attention on the empty retail space in the bottom of my apartment building. It was a daunting proposition — no electricity, no running water, just raw, dirt floors and all. But I knew there was something special about it. So, I went about drawing sketches and cutting out pictures from magazines of what I wanted it to look like. I went and collected samples and swatches of all the things I love. I made a space I would want to practice in.”

“Be Yoga is living proof of manifest destiny,” she adds, “made for the sole purpose of sharing our passion for this practice of yoga.”

Pure Bikram Yoga

PURE Bikram Yoga – Cedar Park
1335 East Whitestone Blvd., Suite D-185
Cedar Park, TX 78613

PURE Bikram Yoga – Downtown Austin
507 Pressler Street, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78703

PURE Bikram Yoga – South Austin – COMING SOON!
4301 West William Cannon Dr., Suite B-108
Austin, TX 78749

PURE Bikram Yoga – Westlake
3600 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 140A
Austin, TX 78746

888.245.0726 |

Our Mission is simple and pure: We empower ALL people to improve their lives through regular practice of Bikram Yoga and inspire our students by serving as exemplary role models in the yoga room and our community.

Read What Our Students Say:

"Thank you PURE! I'm celebrating my one-year anniversary this week since becoming a regular practitioner of Bikram Yoga. 300+ classes later, I am running injury-free and faster (3 marathons this year). My blood pressure, which has always been low, is even lower, and my bone density has actually increased (not common for women my age)." –Loretta G.

"After seven years of poor ergonomics in corporate America and six months of medical leave, I vowed never to return to a desk job again. My spine, back, shoulders, arms, and fingers were ruined. The diagnosis was carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), and herniated disks in my neck and lower back. I tried every form and combination of physical therapy and prescription medication. Now, after 60 days of HOT Bikram Yoga, I gotta tell ya, I'm not the same person anymore. My sciatica vanished after the third class. Tendonitis and TOS – gone after two weeks. Carpal tunnel syndrome – healed! To top it off, I lost 17 pounds, eat and drink healthier, sleep less, worry less, and have a more positive outlook on life. I have better concentration and patience at work. I never thought I would ever be pain-free again. I am healthier and happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I am a student for life." –Tedd L.

Why PURE Bikram Yoga?
It takes more than a hot room and a list of postures to make your Bikram Yoga practice a safe, rewarding experience. Bikram Yoga is a specialized form of yoga, requiring appropriate training and knowledge to teach it effectively.

Bikram Yoga is a system of 26 postures performed in 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees led by a Certified Bikram Yoga instructor. Practice this sequence and guarantee that you will work every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, and every system and every cell in your body. Sweat, detoxify, and increase your flexibility and strength. Bikram Yoga is a beginning hatha yoga practice, safe for people of all ages, levels, and health conditions.

Performing the prescribed sequence class after class allows you to rapidly improve your powers of concentration, determination, and self-control. While students notice significant benefits even after their first class, Bikram Yoga is best introduced to new students over 10 to 15 classes taken in their first month. The Beginning Hatha Yoga Series provides a foundation for the 84-posture Advanced Series for those who wish to deepen their practice.

Invest the time and change your life. Register online at Select "Austin Fit" under "How did you hear about us?" and SAVE $10 off our standard Introductory Month (offer is valid for first-time students to PURE Bikram Yoga studios and expires December 31, 2011).

Customized Pilates

9500 Woodvale Dr., Austin, TX 78729
512.349.2376 |

At Customized Pilates, you truly get personal attention because the focus is all on you. Rhea Willis has converted her home into a Pilates studio, so just one person at a time is trained in a quiet, comfortable home studio environment: boutique Pilates, so to speak.

I discovered Pilates in 2003 when my doctor told me to lower my cholesterol through diet and exercise or she would medicate me. That was motivating enough for me to search for an exercise method that I would stick to for life. The fact that I was able to reduce my cholesterol level significantly and feel stronger, with a newfound core that improved my posture and changed my physique, got me on track to have exercise become a natural part of my life.

I liked Pilates so much that after over 20 years of being a Professional Makeup Artist, I decided to embark on the year-long Teacher Training Certification program to teach Pilates on the equipment. I then sold my furniture to make room for the apparatus: a Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze table), and a Combination Chair; I was ready to assist others in finding a way to make exercise a regular part of their routines.

That was several years ago and it is wonderful to be able to turn one’s passion into one’s profession. Everyone Benefits! Students learn best from a happy, motivated teacher who believes Pilates can be fun as well as challenging netting visible results that make the effort worthwhile.

Balanced Yoga

1010 RR 620 South, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78734
512.263.8794 |

Balance Yoga, Lakeway’s original yoga studio, offers the largest variety of yoga classes and styles in the Lake Travis area. Explore Power Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, and Restorative Yoga classes daily. Balance also offers Paddleboard Yoga on Lake Travis, as well as frequent workshops. All levels of expertise are welcome!

Our instructors, led by owner, Nani Bacon, are an incredible collection of experienced professionals, all dedicated to their students and the studio. Your instructor will greet you before class, lead you in class with warm and supportive instruction, and be available for questions and conversation after class. Our instructors are there for you–to guide, to support, to nurture.

The Balance Yoga studio is state-of-the-art, with professionally designed heat and humidity systems, beautiful bamboo floors, rich stereo sound, and two walls of windows for an inviting, warm, and completely authentic yoga experience.

Balance Yoga offers great value and pricing specials. All new students get a FREE WEEK. Take all the yoga you want for free for seven days with no obligation. At the end of that week, explore our menu of packages, tailored to make yoga affordable regardless practice frequency. We also feature daily HAPPY HOUR CLASSES — $8 classes offered weekdays at 4:30 p.m.

Shop the Balance Yoga Boutique for the largest selection of gear and apparel available in the Lake Travis area. We feature the latest styles from the best and most popular brands, as well as a full selection of yoga gear and necessities.

Come experience the studio that has the Lake Travis yoga community buzzing.

B Free Yoga

2905 San Gabriel St. #102, Austin, Texas 78703
512.480.0067 |

BFree of past limitations and move into possibility. Unify your mind, body, and spirit and live in your full expression.

New to yoga? Coming out of injury? Join us for BHot, a 26-posture series designed to establish mental focus, increase strength and flexibility, and transform your body. Want to stand in the power of your being and flow with your natural grace? Check out BFlow (Heated Vinyasa Flow), a dynamic and vigorous practice that links breath with movement by combining postures for creative sequencing through flow. We have all levels of vinyasa from BNew for refinement and introduction to Level 3 for the seasoned practitioner looking to expand, explore, and express fully. A great complement to the active Yang practice is BChill, a Yin practice; restorative and meditative, it increases the capacity for mind-body vitality and integrity.

Arrive in your body, live your fullest expression, BFree Yoga~ Move Into Possibility!

Dancers Shape

5350 Burnet Road Ste. 7, Austin, TX 78756
512.382.9150 |

Dancers Shape is a boutique Barre Fitness studio specializing in barre, Pilates, yoga, and cardio dance. The studio’s featured barre class, Shape, is a unique hybrid. It combines elements from all forms of exercise that dancers use to maintain their shape but has been modified so that anyone can participate. Set to customized playlists, the Shape class targets problem areas by using isometric toning moves, tweaked ballet positions, specialized choreography, and core strengthening Pilates. Each class ends with a signature stretch series to elongate the muscles for lean and toned muscle mass. Improved arm definition, sculpted seat and thighs, lean legs, defined abs, and improved posture are just some of the exciting results seen in record time.

The owner of Dancers Shape, Jennifer McCamish, is a University of Texas graduate and former Radio City Rockette. During the 13 years she danced on the NY stage, maintaining the highest level of fitness and flexibility was essential to her success. Over time, a method evolved that maximized physical results in a time-efficient way; all while rehabilitating injuries, preventing future ones, and maintaining a dancer’s physique. That’s what Dancers Shape is all about.

Education and professional experience are key ingredients for instructors at Dancers Shape. Each instructor has undergone a two-month-long training program in the Dancers Shape philosophy and has Pilates fitness education as well. All have either a professional dance background or a degree in Dance or Exercise Science.

Dancers Shape is a small local business inspiring healthy living through effective and creative fitness classes; all while practicing in a clean, sophisticated, and friendly environment.

Sundara Yoga

12636 Research Blvd Ste C206
Austin, TX 78759
512.415.4966 |

Sundara Yoga Therapy’s stellar reputation is attributed to our unmatched entry and exit criteria. Our diploma is a guarantee that our graduates have a level of experience, knowledge, and understanding that referring healthcare practitioners can trust. Working with the mind/body connection and uncovering one’s innate ability to self-heal is the foundation of our method and training. The Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) Teacher Training program imparts in-depth skills to teach Yoga as a vehicle for total wellness. Along with offering Yoga classes with a focus on health and healing to the general public, IYT graduates teach Yoga-based wellness programs in a wide variety of complementary settings including hospitals, businesses, and other complementary healthcare settings. IYT teachers also develop special focus programs such as Yoga for back care, MS, depression, and many other health conditions.

Develop your Yoga teaching as part of your own unique life vision and mission. The Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Program is based in the vision of Yoga Therapy using an individualized approach with the understanding that the needs of students are unique. Each Yoga teacher will receive comprehensive and in-depth instruction in the wider vision of Yoga as well as detailed experiential instructions in the tools and techniques of Yoga. With this foundation, each teacher is given a range of possibilities with which they can evolve their own vision of the teaching process. Our intensive training will incorporate a variety of specializations and complete the Yoga-Alliance-approved 200-hour Yoga teacher certification program. We are a Registered Yoga Alliance School.

Empower Yoga

1611 West 5th Street, Suite 140, Austin, TX 78703
512.472.8884 |

As a lifelong competitive athlete, the last thing Ashley Hartley thought she would be interested in was yoga. Surprisingly, this Harvard graduate fell in love with yoga shortly after retiring from collegiate sports. “Years of recurring injuries from athletics had taken their toll and I was looking for a form of physical exercise that would deliver a great workout and keep me injury free.” Yoga delivered just that, and upon graduating from Harvard she took the road less traveled and became a professional yoga instructor. Ashley spent years training with some of the best teachers in the world, where she gained extensive knowledge of the body and biomechanics. Her expertise keeps students safe in class and gives them longevity in their activities off the yoga mat.

Ashley now enjoys working with people on a variety of health and wellness goals. “What excites me is when a client comes to me with a goal and we are able to heal the injury, improve athletic ability, or prevent a trip to the doctor as a result of my classes. Everyone wants to slow the aging process and be able to participate in the activities they love well into old age. Whether you want to improve your golf swing or release stress to succeed in corporate America, my commitment is for yoga to enhance the rest of your life.” Ashley is the owner of Empower Yoga, located at the corner of 5th and West Lynn on the edge of downtown Austin. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just a beginner, you will find a class at Empower that moves at your pace. Mention reading this piece to receive a special gift at Empower Yoga!

The Bar Method

1611 West 5th Street, Suite 140, Austin, TX 78703
512.472.8884 |

Although The Bar Method just opened a few weeks ago, it is already proving to be one of the toughest reservations to get in Austin. From the 6 a.m. class for the early birds to the happy-hour classes after work, it is hard to miss the bodies in the glass-walled aquarium studio on your way downtown.

Located in the 5th Street Commons complex (across from El Arroyo!), the studio is a natural fit for Austin. The spa-like space features two studios, a full women’s locker and dressing room with multiple showers, and a retail area with Bar Method branded merchandise.

The Bar Method is a powerful exercise format merging the fat-burning format of interval training, the muscle-shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a workout that quickly re-shapes the entire body.

The result is a recognizable ‘Bar Method Body’ that sculpts the arms, creates flat abs, a lifted seat, and long thighs. There is no other non-impact workout that can target every major muscle group to improve posture, increase strength, and rehabilitate from injuries.

The Bar Method has a new-client special for an entire month of unlimited classes for only $125. With tons of classes throughout the week on the schedule, there are plenty of chances to make it to the studio. The one warning: schedule your classes ahead of time online so you can be guaranteed a spot!

For information about class schedules and membership, please visit, and be sure to stop by their Facebook page for the latest updates on specials, giveaways, and info on after-hours parties!

Austin Pilates Barn

1300 Northwood Rd, Austin, TX 78703
APB at the Lake: FM 14265 FM 2769, Volente, Austin, TX 78641
512.322.9618 |

The Austin Pilates Barn, a Division of Madd Dog Athletics, is a Peak Pilates® Education Center offering Professional Teacher Certification and Continuing Education for Pilates and Fitness Instructors.

Offerings: Private, Duo and Trio, small reformer, mat, and tower classes, studio rental.

About the Director: Nancy Hurd holds a BFA in Dance and MEd in Education. She is certified through The Peak PilateSystem®, The Pilates Method Alliance, The PilateSystem® , Gyrokinesisâ®, Gyrotonic Expansion System®, and Pilates for Golf. She is listed in Who’s Who among America’s Teachers. Nancy is a PeakPilates® Certified Teacher Trainer, PMA and ACE CEC provider throughout the US and in Turkey.

Pilates 360

3638 Bee Cave Road, Austin, TX 78746
512.732.2002 |

Page Anderson and Brenda McAuliffe combined their extensive professional Pilates training with their diverse business experience to create Pilates 360° in 2002. Their studio, located in Westlake Hills, offers a unique, relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates 360° has eight fully-certified instructors coming from differing Pilates backgrounds offering a variety of styles for the client to choose from. They specialize in private and semi-private training on the Pilates equipment as well as mat and equipment classes.


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