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By Monica Brant – September 21, 2011

This month’s training feature was all about core training and running, which go hand in hand. Any strong runner needs a strong core to carry him through his races and keep the body in proper alignment to withstand the stress of a race.I have definitely worked my core (love this word!) before but never for the length of the core workout Josh Hare put me through. His workout opened my eyes to how intense it could really be and gave me some new inspiration in my own training (and personally).

In fact, after my shoot I met with clients and put them through some of the exercises I recalled from Rogue Running. Funny, they all complained and loved it at the same time! That’s one of the best feelings you can have as a trainer.

Rogue Running has a variety of running group levels from advanced to beginner, but everyone comes together for the actual core session—and endures the pain together for 45 minutes. Josh has a world of knowledge about both running and core training and is very open to discuss his methods and the theories behind his instruction. He has the background of racing on a personal level so he knows what it takes to be competitive.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rogue and hope to make the trip back for at least the core training session at some point! It’s a long drive to east Fifth Street from my house near Lake Austin but would be worth the drive for sure!

Anyone wanting to get a core torture session, Rogue is your place! You will love it–after you are done!

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with Josh Hare

Warm Up
45 minute run, moderate intensity

4 X 45 seconds bicycle, alternating legs and pace
4 X 45 second 6-inch elevation hold
4 X 45 second scissor kicks, up and down
Plank circles x 3
Static push-up position holds
(Alternating hand positions)
Top half/bottom half pushups x10
Forward plank 45 seconds

On Back leg raises
2 x 45 second 6-inch elevation hold
2 x 45 second scissor kicks, side to side

On Back Core
2 x 10 crunches, reaching for heels
2 x 10 crunches, reaching for ceiling
2 x 45 seconds side to side crunches
2 x 10 Legs up, knees bent crunches
2 x 5 Legs up, knees bent crunch including leg extension

2 x 5 pushups wide grip, 5 regular width, 5 hands together
2 x 30 second static push-up position hold

In an endless search to find the best workouts in town, Monica Brant-Peckham has agreed to be our “guinea pig” and take them on full force. Every month we’ll feature a new trainer and a different set of workouts for our readers, in the process trying to Kick Mo’s Butt!

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