By Monica Brant – October 1, 2022
Brian Fitzsimmons

Are you like me — always trying to fit 25 items in your day when, realistically, you can only do five?

Well, this happens for me when I head to Austin. Previously, I lived in Austin for six years and worked with Austin Fit Magazine doing Kick Mo’s Butt for three of them. In 2012, I married my high school crush and moved to San Antonio, and that was it for KMB features… until the end of 2020 when AFM asked me if we could start KMB features again, and here we are two years later. 

I drive from San Antonio for each of these opportunities to get my bootie kicked by some awesome instructors. While planning my KMB sessions, I work in other appointments such as one of my favorite med spas (Skin Envy Austin — you may remember June’s Prep Mo for Summer). Plus, I run errands I can only do in Austin and visit friends and family when time permits. So, my trips become full and I time everything to make the most of my drive up. 

That being said, my session with FIT4MOM Cedar Park was scheduled at 7 p.m., so you know I had a full day prior. Plus, I had to deliver my sidekick Camy the Doxie to my mom who was going to watch her while I traveled over the next couple of weeks. My sister-in-law joined my mom and me at the park, and the two of them walked Camy at Brushy Creek Sports Park while I was getting my bootie kicked by Kaitlyn Harmon, the supermom and coach for the evening’s session. 

Monica working out with friend.

Thankfully, the address for the park brings you directly to the parking lot, so mom and I could meet up perfectly. We parked and brought Camy out in her super cute, pink doggie stroller and headed to release our hydration. I was about 20 minutes early so plenty of time before the KMB session.

As 7 p.m. rolled around, I saw a group of women gathering in the shade by the ladies’ room and figured that had to be my F4M group. Our coach for the session, Kaitlyn, was energetic, smiling and ready to rumble while we 10 ladies waited for instruction for this Body Boost® session, which is F4M’s mother-only, 60-minute, results-based workout.

It’s designed to help one reach their full potential and reconnect to inner strength. The session is structured around HIIT cycles through cardio, strength and core work, and concludes with a relaxing meditation to help recharge before heading back to the family. 

The five HIIT stations were assembled with four exercises per station so averaging 5 to 6 minutes per station with move time and a small amount of rest. Each exercise was performed for one minute and, depending on the exercise, it felt longer or shorter! Isn’t it funny how the exercises we enjoy and feel strong in seem to go by so fast and the ones that are more challenging seem to take five minutes?

Here’s how the stations were set up:

  • High knees, wall ball slams, single-leg deadlifts, partner situps and ball toss (this is the one I started with)
  • BOSU® toe taps, uneven BOSU® pushups, raised glute bridge
  • High-five squat hops, squat up and downs, thrusters, flutter kicks with dumbbell hold
  • Shuffle “races,” curtsy lunge to lateral leg raise, V-sit twist
  • Hop over the bar burpees, Romanian deadlift, barbell row, plank hold with optional shoulder taps

It was fun to work within a group setting again; it’s been a while for me, and all the ladies pushed hard but still saved room for laughter and some heckling (mostly at Kaitlyn when it appeared she was going over the minute — when it starts to burn and you think she isn’t paying attention, but she is)!

Overall, this was a terrific way to end my long day, and I felt refreshed and tired all at the same time. What a great opportunity for moms of all sizes and abilities to have access to. I loved the fact that one could go at their own pace on each exercise and make it suit their personal needs. 

Monica and FIT4MOM group.

Though this class was for moms only, the website offers many other classes including, Stroller Barre®, Run Club+, FIT4BABY®, and even a Body Well® transformation class.

Did I get my butt kicked?  Well, I am happy to say I DID! Of course, as I mentioned above, any mom participating can push as hard as they want or keep it light if they’re just getting started, so I worked to push the minutes and had a great partner that did too. 

FIT4MOM was super fun and easy to find with a great group of moms and a terrific coach! There was also plenty of equipment! All you must do is show up with some exercise clothing on, water and a towel. There is almost nothing better than improving your health and fitness along with other like-minded people.

For more information be sure to visit They also host classes in North Austin as well as Leander (which will open on Oct. 17). Discover which class is for you, and tell them Mo sent ya and that you want YOUR butt kicked too! 



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