Local Meal Delivery Services

By Alexie Rendon – October 1, 2021

As the summer months come to a close, calendars tend to fill up fast. An everyday task like cooking can quickly become quite the chore. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be an enjoyable way to nourish your body, not another source of stress. 

Lucky for you, these Austin-based food delivery companies are one step ahead to offer you delicious food options so you can get back to the things that matter most. 

Lucky Lime

Created by Rebecca Meeker, this meal delivery box has grand plans in its balanced portions. Meeker has worked in all kinds of restaurants, many even Michelin-starred. Once in Austin, she utilized her experience as a chef and in the hospitality industry plus her holistic coach training to bring Lucky Lime to life. 

Lucky Lime offers a seasonally driven, weekly rotating menu to give you everything you need to conquer your day — meant to be delivered to busy people at the office, at home or at a coffee shop. With each meal and menu item, Lucky Lime takes into account what will make you feel good inside and out. Healthy balances, light but fresh options and mouthwatering combos are all made ready to eat and brought straight to you. 

Good Apple Foods

Good Apple Foods brings customers the whole farm-to-table experience. Each box is filled with fresh produce harvested from Austin-area farmers. In addition to farm-fresh produce, customers can add other locally sourced items such as fresh-baked bread, coffee grounds and microgreens. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Good Apple Foods has partnered with Hope Food Pantry and the Austin Transportation Department to provide food to elderly Austinites and those with compromised immune systems. 

Since March 2020, Good Apple Foods has delivered over 30,000 boxes to families in need. 

Dinner Elf

The goal of Dinner Elf is to transform your kitchen into a magical, in-home meal experience. Whether it’s a family favorite meal or something totally new to your crew, your Elf has it under control. Your weekly Dinner Elf does all the shopping, cooking and cleaning needed to bring your family three delicious meals to enjoy. 

You might feel that a personal chef or meal delivery service sounds a little too fancy. Our grandmothers probably thought the same thing about a dishwasher years ago. Think of a  Dinner Elf as a trusted member of your family who is always ready to prepare a home-cooked meal with ease.

Spirited Food Co.

Spirited Food Co. was originally founded in 2008 to aid women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Today, many families across the Austin area choose Spirited Food Co. to help them focus on individual wellness and to simplify nutrition. 

Spirited Food Co. brings meals to you focused around organics and local sourcing. Customers can choose from four weekly menu categories to fit their lifestyle and dietary needs with family style, autoimmune protocol (AIP), meditation and lean gourmet options. 

Gather and Forge

Whether you are looking to host a holiday gathering, impress your date or learn some new skills in the kitchen, Gather and Forge has you taken care of. Offering a variety of services, Gather and Forge wants to elevate your mealtime experience.

Personal chefs come to your home to prepare meals either for your family or for a large dinner party. If you need exclusive services, Gather and Forge will assign private chefs specifically to your family to take care of all your needs. 

Maybe you are looking to spice up your cooking skills — Gather and Forge can help with that, too. Sign up for a cooking class to learn things such as knife skills, seasoning techniques and even chef tricks-of-the-trade.


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