October 2018

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Community Corner: Get Out Girl PaddleJam

Get Out Girl PaddleJam empowers and inspires women to get out, get active and get connected for a cause.

Produce As Local As You

Four local farms to find fresh produce in Austin this fall

Wellness FAQ: MSW Lounge, Slenderella+B12

MSW Lounge’s Nurse Doza promotes Slenderella®, a supplement aimed to support energy and weight loss.

Call of the Wild

These nonprofits are using nature to spark confidence in kids and young adults. Together they’re breaking down barriers while building up communities that nurture growth and healing.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Losing weight for the objective health benefits, like avoiding diseases and striving to be healthy parents, are the impetus for weight-loss transformations. But for some, the journey isn’t complete until they literally feel comfortable in their own skin, even if it means surgically removing layers of it.

The Bar Method Workout

Long time Bar Method instructor, Lindsey Durnil, took ownership of The Bar Method Austin this spring. Since then, she’s been busy shaping bodies using The Bar Method’s signature technique of precise isometric exercises followed by active and passive stretches. This month’s workout provides a full body workout using the resistance of bodyweight to work the right muscles in the right order, maximizing results.

Fit Finds: October 2018

A curated list of our favorite essentials for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Finding Your Flatwater

“One cancer diagnosis can cause waves in all directions, affecting so many lives. The Flatwater Foundation works to bring families coping with cancer back to calmer waters, so they can focus on navigating cancer, not the mental challenges of diagnosis.”

Keep Austin Weirdly Fit

Austin is one of the most unique cities in the country, so why not take advantage of all of the quirks it has to offer, workouts included.

Strength & Stretch Guide

It’s 2018 and the lines are blurred between stretch and strength...luckily. These lagree, yoga, barre and pilates studios have classes that offer the perfect balance of stretching and strength. The best part — you’ve probably never been to any of these gems and now you have no excuse not to.

October Recipe: Tuna Poke

This Tuna Poke recipe from Chinatown Westlake is healthy, fast and super easy to make. As your calendar packs out this month, use this fresh meal as your grab and go.

Fire and Ice Recovery

Maximize your recovery time utilizing both hot and cold techniques.

More Than the Miles

The Texas 4000 bike ride does more than just raise awareness and money for cancer, it touches lives in the process.

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