October 2017

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Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

Willpower, Moderation, Mindfulness, and Other Useless Diet Advice

Top 10 Healthy Eats of ACL Music Festival

7 Career Lessons I Learned on My Bike

Discover! Active CleanUps

Stay Gold

How to Drink Mindfully

Manage your alcohol consumption with these tips. You’ll have a fun night out and minimize the regret (and possibly eliminate a hangover!)

Medical FAQ: Arthritis

Better Than Sex Cake

This flavorful, guiltless, and vegan carrot cake will satisfy your every need.

12 Oral Health Myths Debunked

FML Workout: Sexercise

Bump up your libido with this hot and heavy sequence.

Ask Sam Now: October 2017

Just Move!

A new approach to fitness after 50.

RPM Playlists

We created this playlist specifically to motivate you to keep a consistent RPM throughout your entire workout.

Houseplants for Your Health

5 resilient plants that will make your air easier to breathe.

New to Austin: October 2017

A Traveling Couple’s Guide to the Health Benefits of Camping

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