The Art of Lounging

By Shannon Smith – October 1, 2016
Photography by Weston Carls

Jammock $125

Turn your Jeep Wrangler into the ultimate hangout. This hammock buckles onto the roof of your Jeep, providing a quick, water-resistant, and comfortable way to relax or catch some rays. 

Poler Napsack $136

Creating a seamless transition, the Napsack has shoulder zippers and a cinch at the bottom, inviting you to free your arms and legs and wear it as a coat. But when you’re ready for bed, zip up and uncinch and you’ve got yourself an instant sleeping bag. With a phone pocket and a headphone port, there’s no reason to ever take the Napsack off. 

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Roo Hammock $99

Time to give your feet a break. Kammok was originally founded to provide emergency shelters for disaster relief and to help fight malaria, but has quickly become a staple for people who just want to hang out. The Roo’s easy installation means you’ll be relaxed as quickly as the set-up. Lightweight, tear-resistant, breathable, and with room for two, this hammock is a fantastic investment.

Hikenture Outdoor Inflatable Lounger $39

Blowing up a mattress has never been easier—simply wave the bag to trap air and inflate this outdoor lounger. With deflation in seconds and a compact carrying case, it’s perfect for the beach, hiking, camping, concerts, and even floating in the pool. You’ll never sit on the ground again.

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