2016 Fall Shoe Review

By By Cregg Weinmann, Running Shoe Reviewer for the Running Network, LLC – October 1, 2016

Change is inevitable, as the adage goes. Sometimes it’s incremental, and at other times, it’s a torrent. This season it’s somewhere between the two, though significant in its scope.

Familiarity with automation and customization has caused consumers to believe that everything should be 3D printed and delivered in the proverbial blink of an eye. We have not yet arrived at that point, though computer-generated design and manufacturing are headed in that direction. The actual changes have come with the adoption of new formulations of thermoplastic elastomers, which have been making their way into the upper end of many running shoe brands. This has resulted in better performance, more reliable lightweight components, and much lighter weight in both the midsole and the support of the upper.

For nearly five years, design choices based on geometry have been key, and this season they’re responsible for a crop of shoes that obscure the stark divisions among shoes considered lightweight, stable, or well-cushioned. This means that each shoe works for a broader swath of runners. While that’s important, these new shoes feature innovations in the upper’s fit and the midsole’s function, raising the bar even higher. The most obvious improvement? Much of the excess material at the shoes’ top, midsole, and bottom has been carved away or replaced with lighter components and foams. The result is that shoes designed to stabilize are noticeably lighter than ever before. So pervasive is this trend that 60 percent of the shoes in this review fall into the Performance category, while offering varying degrees of motion stabilizing or cushioning that a light weight used to preclude. This is a trend we’ve never before seen.

Since its inception, this review has been dedicated to pointing you in the right direction with a variety of shoe choices. Your staunchest ally in vetting your personal shoe selection is the local running specialty store, which carries the best selection of viable options for you and can assist in identifying the best fit for you.

To read the complete 2016 Fall Shoe Review, visit runningproductreviews.com.

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Keep reading to view the best shoes for this fall!


Keep reading to view the best shoes for this fall!


Keep reading to view the best shoes for this fall!


Keep reading to view the best shoes for this fall!


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To read the complete 2016 Fall Shoe Review, visit runningproductreviews.com.

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