October 2015

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The Austin Bucket List

Oxygen Treatment for Athletes

Sweat out your toxins to perform better and recover faster.

Stunt Double: Falling into Fitness and Adventure

From ziplining with guns to free falling off a 7-meter platform, the Stunt Ranch will show you what you’re capable of.

Vegan Berry Cobbler

You won’t even miss the dairy or eggs in this decadent dessert

New To Austin: October 2015

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

Triathletes Stung By Killer Fees

As the cost of triathlon racing keeps increasing in Austin, athletes find themselves wondering: what’s factoring into these high fees?

Discover! — Mary Moore Searight Metro Park

With over 300 acres of land with facilities for hiking, horseback riding, disc golf and grilling, Mary Moore Searight Metro Park has ample options for fitness and family fun.

FAQ October 2015

Your health and fitness questions. Our answers.

Fit Finds: What They Wear

Not one outfit fits all activities. Find what’s fitting for CrossFit, Cyclocross and running.

Survive the Festival Season Without Sacrifice

A list of tips to staying healthy when faced with the temptation of fried food and late nights

Diet Definition: Vegan

Have you ever wondered how vegans get enough protein when they don’t consume meat?

Getting a Grip on Great Gear

A thorough review of training products that are essential for before, during and after your workout

Night Ops

An event that fuses fitness, the spirit of adventure, and a proclivity for puzzles will have you sweating through the night.

Q&A with Olympic Swimmer Brendan Hansen

A Q&A with the decorated Olympic swimmer reveals what it’s like to retire from one career and begin a new one.

Healthy Bits: October 2015

The science behind health and wellness.

Anatomy of a Pose: Triangle

Stretch, align and strengthen your body with Triangle Pose and Extended Side Angle.

Workout: You Do Know Squat

The natural motion of a squat demands attention to technique in order to regain and maintain a healthy range of motion

Hydration Sensation

Freshen up your water with these fun infusion recipes

Tricks to Treat Yourself

When Halloween season creeps up on us, we prefer treats over tricks and the kind of mask that’ll hydrate or exfoliate skin

2015 Fall Shoe Review

Check out the best new kicks for the fall season.

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