Think Pink, Wear Heels, and Run for the Cause

By Kim Anthony – October 3, 2013

Pull out the heels and run, jog, skip, and walk on down the road in style for a major cause. It’s time to lace up your pumps and stilettos to hit the roads on October 26 for the Stiletto Stampede, a fun 100-yard dash fundraiser.

The Stiletto Stampede was founded in 2009 by a group of volunteers in Austin, Texas, consisting of mothers, daughters, aunts, friends, and husbands who shared a passion for serving their community and improving the overall health of the community through breast cancer education and awareness. They put together the first annual Austin Stiletto Stampede that October  at the Hill Country Galleria and raised thousands of dollars for the Austin affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Take part in this unique and fun 100-yard dash

Take part in this unique and fun 100-yard dash and raise money for a good cause

Five years later, Stiletto Stampede continues stronger than ever (they’ve even expanded to Waco, Houston, and Dallas). Their coalition, which promotes the awareness, education, and understanding of the risks of breast cancer, also strives to empower men and women to prevent the disease through breast self-awareness, early detection, and screening. The organization has also developed a phenomenal post-surgery rehabilitation program called Boob Camp. Boob Camp is designed to concentrate on the physical portion of breast cancer recovery as well as the social and emotional aspects of healing. “Boob Camp Fitness is a post-surgery rehabilitation program designed to focus on flexibility, range of motion, general fitness, and emotional support through group exercise,” explained executive director Nicole Pape.

The Stiletto Stampede organization comprises community leaders, physicians, counselors, certified fitness trainers, and breast cancer rehabilitation instructors. One of their leading sponsors is Brobe, an Austin company founded by Allison Schickel that sells robes with a built-in bra for personal and medical use. “I am proud to be a sponsor for Stiletto Stampede and really believe [in] their motto,” explained Schickel. “ ‘Re-energize your Body. Refresh Your Mind,’ goes hand in hand with wellness and the recovery process.” Another sponsor and locally based company, IdealHeel, offers a practical benefit:  heel protectors for shoes. This product line was created to help women guard their favorite pumps and stylish stilettos from costly scrapes, scuffs, gouges, and tears that can be caused by environmental elements. IdealHeel is durable, reusable, and can work on multiple pairs of shoes—and should be considered during the 100-yard dash, as participants (including men) are all wearing heels while racing.

The Stiletto Stampede takes place at 10 a.m.on Saturday, October 26, at The Triangle (4700 W. Guadalupe). Whether you’re busting out your heels for a stylish stroll or a quick dash, come out for the fun and to support a good cause.


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