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By MichelleSuggs – October 3, 2013

With Halloween right around the corner, why not embrace a new sense of style with your hair?  Sometimes we forget or don’t have much time to focus on a costume, and a mask can sometimes be a bit dull.  Drop the drab, store-bought wig and take a little time out of your day to transform yourself into something wicked by night.


Show Off Some Color
Color is the perfect way to alter a look.  The possibilities are nearly endless; these days, there are dozens of products that offer a temporary color service.  For a quick fix, use a colored hairspray that can be found in any party store.  The color is vivid (even on dark hair), yet washes out easily.  Want something that lasts a little longer?  Temporary dyes work perfectly for light-colored hair and wash out in fewer than ten washes (if you have dark hair, you will need to use a lightener to obtain true color).  For a cool tie-dyed effect, stop by Urban Outfitters to pick up a pack of hair chalk for only $14.  Simply rub the chalk on strands of hair; you can even use multiple colors on one strand for an awesome result.


A Little Tease Never Hurts
Teasing or backcombing is another way to achieve a different ‘do, though we’re not talking about Snooki from Jersey Shore (unless that’s what you’re going for).  Sectioning your hair and then backcombing and hairspraying can create definite volume that can be shaped into anything you desire.  Whether you want to create a look from The Great Gatsby (as pictured), Mad Men, or Once Upon a Time, teasing is an essential part of the process.  All you need is a bristle brush (less than $5) and a hairspray that will hold without being crunchy, such as Joico’s Joimist Firm Hair Spray ($15).


If you really want to stand out of the crowd, glitter might be the proper route for you.  For a subtle look, use a glitter hairspray to obtain a high shine.  For a more dramatic effect, spray hair or add gel and, while the section of hair is still wet, dip it into fine glitter.  Let dry, and finish off with more hairspray to make it last.  For longer hair, you can easily create a glorious glitter ombré with this method.  It might get a bit messy, but it will pay off in the end.

Get the Look

Photo by Tea Eiland

Photo by Tea Eiland

What you need: hairspray, bobby pins, curling iron, brush

  1. Section hair into four main parts:  back, crown, and two sides around the ears. Hairspray each section.
  2. Starting in the back, create a 1-inch horizontal part from the bottom and pin the rest up.  Curl 1-inch section in the same direction, and hairspray.  Wrap curl  and bobby pin it close to the scalp.  Drop another horizontal section and curl 1-inch sections in the opposite direction, then hairspray.  Wrap curl and bobby pin it close to the scalp.  Repeat steps until you complete your back part.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for the side parts around the ears.
  4. For the bangs, grab a section close to your face and wrap hair once around the curling iron, coming close to your scalp.  Let sit for 5–10 seconds.  Slide the curling iron down the same section and wrap the hair around the iron in the opposite direction.  Repeat this until you reach the end of the section.  Repeat the whole process until you finish entire crown section.  Hairspray.
  5. Let hair sit for 5 minutes and remove all of the bobby pins.  Starting with the bottom, brush hair from the bottom and move upwards.  Hairspray and smooth the top with your hands.  Finish look with a beautiful headband!
Photo by Tea Eiland

Photo by Tea Eiland

What you need:  mousse, hairspray, comb, brush

  1. Starting with damp hair, rub mousse (try Joiwhip by Joico) all over the hair, especially the top.
  2. Blow dry the sides of the head and brush downward.
  3. If hair is long enough, section the top of the head and curl each part backwards or away from the face until you reach the front.
  4. Backcomb the top section until you get the desired volume.
  5. Define the style by shaping the top with your hands and hairspray.



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