Should Fitness Companies Pay for Park Use? – Take the Survey

By Drex – October 6, 2010

Despite overwhelming turnout on Monday night from the Austin fitness community, the issue of commercial use of parkland still looms large. In fact, Austin Parks and Recreation just posted a survey on their Web site to further gauge public opinion.

The department says they anticipate significant interest in this issue and want to provide a virtual forum for those unable to attend the community meeting. However, the survey only contains seven questions, the majority of which seem skewed to the city’s original position.

This morning, we’ve already heard from some in the fitness community who take issue with this. They suggest the survey reflects an ordinance that is already pre-determined, or at the very least, a reactionary PR move by the city in response to Monday’s meeting.

One thing is clear: this survey is a significant opportunity for you to make your voice heard. Click this link to take the survey now:

Also, if you want to provide additional detail, please send an email to Austin Parks and Recreation at


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