What Are Sound Baths and How Do They Work?

By Jackie Bocanegra – November 1, 2021

On our Zoom call, Vanush Von Love advised that I should lay down and get a pillow to rest my head on and a pillow to place right below my knees. Getting comfortable is something he says students need to do before receiving the sound experience. But that is just the beginning of the long and eventful journey that is a sound bath. 

A sound bath begins with allowing oneself to be completely relaxed. Von Love tells all of his students the two most important steps a student must understand is to get into a comfortable resting position before receiving a sound bath. It’s suggested to use pillows, yoga blocks or blankets to help ground yourself. 

A sound bath setup with pillows, blankets and bowls.

The second is Von Love’s job, which is making sure that the person feels safe. He expresses that the atmosphere and the container of the session have to feel safe. As the leader of the experience, his energy must feel safe for the students as well.  

After the soothing intro comes the music, tones, vibrations and songs. Von Love is well-known for playing different instruments when hosting a sound bath. Whether it is the drums, an instrument that he built or singing bowls, these instruments and their vibrations are used to help you relax. 

The prep is just the beginning of the zen that is to come. Von Love says the experience can range from feeling euphoric to nothing, experiencing it physically or being in your third eye. He explains that the sound bath can trigger different feelings based on what is happening as he is playing the instruments. 

“There are different vibrations and frequencies depending on how much people want to get into it,” Von Love says. “I play certain instruments together, and they harmonize and they create this multi-level experience in your mind.”

When closing your eyes and allowing the sounds to consume you, Von Love says that it can take you to different places that may have been forgotten or events that you have wanted to forget. For many, this session becomes a safe space for healing and letting the sound wash away these negative thoughts or experiences. But even so, Von Love doesn’t push that healing idea onto every student. 

“I don’t like to put an emphasis on healing because I don’t want there to be an expectation of healing,” Von Love explains. “It’s going to happen naturally on its own.” 

In this way, the sound baths can really move through a person if they allow it. Von Love says that though sometimes it can feel very great, you are not always going to love the feeling; it’s more about experiencing it and letting those vibrations in. Being able to place yourself in a meditative state will enhance your experience. It will allow you to focus on the sounds, tones and songs to help you benefit not only for your mind but for your body as well. 

Someone sitting criss-cross and holding one of the sound bath bowls.

The sound bath can also be a powerful mind reset. Von Love says there are many benefits from balancing the everyday life and gym workouts to practicing how to nurture the body and mind. 

It can be a reset for your body and your nervous system, because we are constantly going and moving. Devote a period of time to allow yourself to meditate and look inward into your own world and journey.  

“It’s a great way to reset the mind, energy and physical body. And also to release,” Von Love says.  

Allowing yourself to look inward can also allow someone to have a release of emotions. It won’t happen to every person every time, but Von Love says people will cry or laugh and all sorts of other emotional responses might come up. 

But now, Von Love is just ready to share his knowledge from Eastern and Western backgrounds to bring new restoring experiences.

“I’m super excited to be introducing my experiences in Austin,” Von Love says. “I invite everyone to come, especially first-timers.”


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