Workout of The Month: F45 Training

By Sponsored by: F45 – November 1, 2019

At F45, training sessions encompass a total body format that will improve muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. The training sessions are programmed in a high intensity interval training, or HIIT, and circuit training fashion with an emphasis on functional movement patterns.

Challenge yourself with some strength training, some aerobic capacity training and top it off with some plyometrics. Do it all in a fun engaging team format that only takes 45 minutes. The tagline says it all: “Team training, life changing”

One of the keys to team training is F45’s ability to modify exercises for all the various clientele’s goals and abilities. The trainers at F45 are highly trained and skilled at making the small changes to the workouts that cater to each individual in attendance. If you see an exercise that is not right for you, don’t worry, trainers will modify it to meet your needs.

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Let’s look at a sample workout that includes two circuits (pods) one that will focus on muscular strength and one that challenges your cardio fitness.

Circuit One

1. Dumbbell single arm flat chest press

2. Overhead reverse lunges (option two: dumbbell Bulgarian split squat)

3. Renegade rows

4. Traditional barbell deadlift (option two: Romanian deadlift)

5. Med ball jack-knife

Circuit One should be executed with work rest intervals that promote muscular strength. You will do two sets at each station working for 35 seconds and resting for 20 then moving to the next station completing 2 laps through the circuit (pod) to finish. This will take just over 18 minutes.

Key points: Make sure to establish a strong overhead position with the dumbbell for the overhead reverse lunges. If shoulder integrity is lacking, the position causes pain, or there is a lack of balance to control the movement, just modify to a goblet position for the lunges. Also, on the barbell deadlift, make sure the bar is directly in line with the midfoot as it tracks up toward the hips and back down toward the floor. This insures the bar travels in the best position for the lift. The shoulder blades should be slightly retracted with a slight chin up head position for strong posture. Lastly, a common compensation pattern for the deadlift is knees that cave medially. For this case, decrease the load and promote a knees slightly out position.

Circuit Two

1. Bench hops

2. Row machine

3. Kettlebell swings (any arm variation)

4. Speed ladder two- in two-out (option two: suspension trainer in-and-out drop squats)

5. High plank sandbag pull-throughs

Circuit Two should be executed in a fashion that will increase aerobic capacity. You will do three sets at each station increasing the intensity with each set and completing one lap through the circuit (Pod) to finish. Set one will be 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest, set two will be 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest. Set 3 will be 20 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest. This will take 15 minutes. Good execution of this circuit includes an increase in effort as the work periods get shorter and the rest periods get longer. The last 20 seconds of work at each station should be “all you got for 20.”

Key points: make sure the kettle bell swings are done with a hip hinge movement pattern. A common mistake is to bend your knees as in a squat pattern then complete the swing with a shoulder raise at the top. Kettlebell swings should be done by hinging at the hips with very little knee bend then an explosion of hips moving forward as your spine comes back to vertical. This will send the bell through the air guided by the arms to a height just above the shoulders.


F45 Training
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