November 2018

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DG Trifecta Workout

We put two Austinites, Alexandra Bradshaw and Nathan Hanner, to the test by challenging them to the “DG Trifecta.” The holy trinity of workouts: taking three of David Garza’s classes at three local fitness studios in one day.

No Pain, No Gain...Wrong

Training for a marathon, living with chronic pain or just looking for ways to reduce overall inflammation? Try these holistic approaches before turning to prescription drugs or surgery.

Spiced Butternut Squash Recipe

Try making this healthy and simple fall treat from Honest Mary’s.

Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Going

Try these boozy caffeinated cocktails at your next happy hour.

Aviator Nation

After being involved with ACL the last six years, Aviator Nation finds a permanent home in Austin.

It’s All in the Tail

The newest workout trend has finally made its way to Austin.

Best Turkey Trots of Texas

On Thanksgiving you can have your pie and eat it too thanks to these Texas Turkey Trots.

The Fulfilling Life of a Coach

For these coaches, training young people is as rewarding as playing is for the athletes.


How Mack, Jack and McConaughey created one of Austin’s biggest annual charity events.

Just Move

Local author Jim Owen is getting people over their 50s back in shape by simply, “just moving.”

Influencers in FitBiz

In this section, we are spotlighting people at the helm of fit-focused businesses who drive and inspire our community.

Blue Lapis Light: Belonging Part One

An evening of reconnecting with earth through interpretive dance and acrobatics

You Never Forget Your First

With the weather cooling off in Texas and training mileage beginning to ramp up for a variety of races, it seemed like the perfect time to share some tips on where things can really fall off the rails when you’re training for your first something.

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