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By AFM Staff – November 1, 2015

Resolute Fitness on South Lamar Boulevard

Resolute Fitness: Cycling & Yoga, the popular boutique fitness studio of Steiner Ranch, is expanding to South Austin in November and will be located at Lamar Union on South Lamar. Resolute offers indoor cycling, yoga and classes that combine the two. The cycle/yoga COMBO class is a favorite, offering both cardio and calm in just 60 minutes. With a philosophy centered on balance, Resolute aims to provide complete fitness for body, mind and soul through the combination of cycling and yoga. Connect with Resolute at for special opening offers and free preview classes. 


aloe skin + body

Local holistic spa aloe skin + body recently moved into a new location to accommodate the growing demand for their services. The new space, tucked away in Tarrytown, includes a relaxing and serene rooftop patio and additional treatment rooms. The relaxed interior, located just across the street from their first location, is meant to serve as a getaway in the heart of Austin. Beyond facials, peels and products, aloe skin + body’s ultimate goal is to provide each client with an individualized, integrated plan to address both skin-based concerns and the body as a whole. Massages, specialty acupuncture and yoga are also available to support the body’s overall wellness.


UR Fit Wellness Center

The UR Fit Wellness Center is a transformative wellness facility providing fitness and nutrition services to meet lifestyle goals of clients. Located in West Austin, the state-of-the-art 2,500-square-foot facility provides wellness assessments using the Fit3D ProScanner (the only outlet in the greater Austin area with the system), personal fitness training, healthy meal plans featuring Seed hand-crafted food and an array of wellness concierge services. The Fit3D ProScanner is body-scanning technology that allows people to evaluate their body shape and fitness progress over time in three-dimensional form. The mission is to drive passion into people’s nutrition and workout plans and keep them engaged in fitness by showing them the honest results of their hard work, unachievable with traditional assessment tools. UR Fit Wellness Center offers a unique blend of personal fitness training, meal plans and technology to help you experience optimum health. Grand opening is on Nov. 5.

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