Route: Taking the Trail at Brushy Creek

By AFM – November 5, 2013

This month, MapMyFitness ambassador Sabine Medrano takes us on a run through Brushy Creek Regional Trail; to access the route in detail, go to

“Brushy Creek Regional Trail is one of my favorite trails to run in Austin. The trail offers lots of versatility for runners: pavement, climbs, rolling hills, a gravel trail, and something for every skill level. Surrounded by lots of nature and much-needed shade to keep the boiling Texas heat bearable, you can make this trail as short or as long as you want it to be, as it stretches over 10 miles in total length.

I like to start out at the Brushy Creek Splash Pad as it has public restrooms, water fountains, and some stretching areas available. You can either go east or west from there. I like to go east, crossing the dam and aiming for the gravel trail, as I find it easier on my knees. You will encounter lots of fellow runners and walkers out on the trail, making it a very safe place to run not only on weekends but during the week. Along the trail, you will find several public restrooms, water fountains, and some additional stretching areas. Head west, and you will hit pavement all the way, which makes for a fast course. There are water fountains and public restrooms on that side as well.”

Distance: 10 miles
Climb: 157.48 FT


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