Cozying Up After Dinner

By AFM – November 5, 2013

Holidays mean get-togethers with family and friends and, whether you’re continuing dinner discussions or simply ending the evening with a hot toddy, AFM has some suggestions for that nighttime nip. We’d like to thank the helpful staff at Spec’s for their recommendations and to remind you to always drink responsibly. Salud!

1. Harvest Sweets Cranberry Truffles $5
Here’s another way to get your Thanksgiving cranberries—these truffles are filled with a white chocolate ganache that contains fruit.

2. Porto Messias Tawny Port $11
Port is the classic after dinner drink and it goes great with cream-based desserts like creme brûlée. Tawny ports are older, blended, and aged in wooden barrels. To drink, serve in a port glass like this one from Riedel ($57).

3. Brunello Poggio Antigo $33
This sangiovese wine unfolds with air, so here’s your chance to use that fancy decanter. It’s great with hearty cheeses, so combine with a platter of nuts and fruit for a lighter dessert pairing. Bringing a bottle of wine to a gathering? Consider a silk wine bag ($9) to create a lovely gift.

4. Godiva Belgian Chocolates $30
Truffles $20
The signature Godiva boxes make for a wonderful presentation (think Tiffany’s, but without the sticker shock or commitment…and the contents are ever so much more edible).

5. Lone Star 1835 Texas Bourbon
This craft distillery “Texas Made” bourbon makes a great hot toddy (a classic remedy for
wet and cold weather) or an outstanding
Old Fashioned.

6. Añejo Casta Pasión Tequila $50
Añejo tequilas has been aged the longest, more than reposado (aka gold) and silver. Opt for a 100 percent agave rather than a mixto, which has been blended with sugar and water. This is for sipping not slamming and is best served neat and at room temperature in a tequila glass or snifter. Serve with an orange slice and a dusting of cinnamon on top.

7. SlimRitas Margarita Mix $12
Skinny Girl Mojito $13
Sometimes you just don’t need a bunch of extra calories, and these two lighter options serve up only 100. Skinny Girl Mojito is ready to drink, while SlimRitas requires you to add that tequila.

8. Starlite Vodka $15
First released in October, 2012, this spirit is named after the Starlite Theater in Brenham. While the distiller recommends drinking it on the rocks paired with a steak, you can make a Godmother (1 part vodka, 1 part amaretto, 1 teaspoon sugar syrup; stir; serve in a lowball glass) for a digestif—that’s the fancy word for “after dinner drink.”

9. Divine Chocolate Bars $4
Fair trade certified and suitable for vegetarians, the Dark Chocolate with Raspberries Bar is 70 percent dark chocolate.


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