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By AFM Staff – November 17, 2012

Lifesize Portion Control System
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The Lifesize Portion Control System is designed to help you eat what you want in the portions that are correct for your body. The founders, Steven Kates and Myles Berkowitz, designed the program with the intention of helping customers take the guesswork out of portion control while promoting a healthier lifestyle in America. Including a “meat device” and “two toppings device,” the kit contains eight Lifesize measuring products to help control the portion sizes of commonly consumed foods.

What Makes It Cool:

Lifesize Portion Control System is not a diet, so that means no giving up your favorite foods. Instead, the system teaches how to size meals to fit healthy dietary needs. The kit comes with an instructional DVD and book with information on how to portion meals throughout the day to avoid those long hours of hunger that can follow a low-calorie fix. Since the program has portioned out correct sizes, there’s no guesswork or calorie counting involved.

Where to find it:; Rogue Running Equipment (500 San Marcos St. Austin, TX, 78701)

For runners who are tired of wearing more water on them than ingesting, HydraPouch is the perfect fix. The flexible pouch conforms to the shape of a runner’s hand and keeps water from splashing to allow for more hydration. The pouch can also be opened and refilled with one hand, convenient for a quick stop on the racecourse. When not in use, the cup conveniently clips to the waistband of your shorts for easy carrying while running.

What Makes It Cool:

Not only does the HydraPouch keep the splash factor down for racers, but it also helps the environment by limiting the number of paper cups used at a race or when running at Lady Bird Lake. Made in the United States, the pouch is also BPA free.

Pelican ProGear Case for iPhone i1015
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Less expensive than other common heavy-duty cases, this industrial-looking case is bulky but effective for the outdoor type who tends to abuse a phone. IPhones and iPods will be housed safely in this water-resistant, crush-proof, and dust-proof container. Extra perk: a carabineer is included for the convenience of hooking the case onto a belt loop or backpack.

What Makes It Cool:

 Pelican ProGear also creates supplies for firefighter, police, defense/military, and aerospace, so you can take satisfaction in knowing they understand gear protection. If you should have any problems, Pelican ProGear comes with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. And if you visit the Pelican website, you can read case survival stories that involve everything from lions to tsunamis to explosions.


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