Book Review: Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival

By Sarah – November 4, 2011

I recently purchased a book, Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival: Aisle by Aisle, HG Style, and I’ve got to tell you,  it’s awesome! Now I’m not normally one to rant and rave about some product, but this book is something everyone should have. If you’re like myself, grocery shopping can be stressful and confusing. Labels mean nothing anymore since half the time the “whole grain” and “low fat” items are just as bad for you (check out our article “Low in Calories, High in Chemicals”). The “hungry girl” Lisa Lillien takes you aisle by aisle, pointing out the healthiest options in each category; she even has an “all star” winner for each, which takes into account taste as well.  The book is really easy to navigate and provides multiple options for each category of food. Overall this book is great for anyone who feels a little “lost” at the store and wants to know what’s ACTUALLY healthy. Lillien even covers topics such as desserts and frozen meals (who doesn’t eat those every now and then, right?). So for anyone who struggles while grocery shopping, check out Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival, you’ll be glad you did.

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