9 Ways to Exercise with your Pet

By Kelsey – November 10, 2010

Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to workout, especially when there isn't anyone else around to give you that extra push. But when we're struggling to convince ourselves to hit the pavement, we're often overlooking the most eager, willing and enthusiastic workout partner of all– our pets.

Our cats and dogs need to stay healthy and fit as much as we do, and it's often easy to forget that. But it's easy to incorporate them into your fitness routine. Here are ten exercises to tone up you and your dog or cat at the same time.

1. Fetch for Abs

This exercise tones your abs as your dog sprints to play fetch. Get your dogs favorite fetch toy and sit in sit up position. As you raise up, throw the toy and challenge yourself to see how many reps you can get while your dog is away looking for the toy. Take the toy when she returns and repeat for a twist to your regular ab workout.

2. Squat Tease

As you're doing regular squats, touch your dog's head with his favorite toy. Raise it above your head and watch as he jumps to grab it. This will tighten your butt and thighs while it improves your dog's vertical.

3. Dogstacle Course

Turn your fenced-in backyard into an obstacle course. Throw in a fitness step, bosu ball, jump rope, hula hoop and the like. Put on your dog's leash and jog through the course together. At each station, stop and do the exercise. Some well-trained dogs may sit still while you work out, but if he doesn't, that's part of the fun — you'll both get a good sprint when you chase him to bring him back. Your dog will love the quality time with you and the jogging between stations.

4. Fetch Races

This is simple. In your next game of fetch, race your dog to see who can get the toy first. Your dog will love the added competition, and you'll get in a great round of cardio.

5. Dog Stairs

Find some stairs or bleachers, leash your dog and climb up together. Vary your steps for a more challenging workout– take steps two at a time or hop up them.

6. Cat Light Abs

Finding your kitten's favorite way to get frisky is a little more difficult, but it can be done. During your ab workout, grab a flashlight and move the light around on a wall on your way up. You'll love watching your cat chase the light around.

7. Cat Light Cardio

Use the same flashlight and pretend you're jumping rope. Your cat will chase the light just like in the ab workout.

8. Curious Cat Curls

Tie your cat's favorite toy to your dumbbells. He'll love trying to catch the toy as you curl up and down.


Thanks to Lauren Gelman of www.active.com

Q: How do you work your dog or cat out? What are your favorite pet exercises?




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