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By Sponsored by iVitamin – May 1, 2023
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“Studies have shown that improved NAD+ levels can leave people feeling and looking younger while also having improved brain and mental clarity. Some articles are calling it the anti-aging molecule” – Jana Gavin, RPH,  IVITAMIN CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER

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NAD+ and Cellular Repair

What is NAD+? Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a form of Vitamin B3 or more specifically Niacin.

How Does it Work? It is a metabolic co-enzyme found in all living cells and has more than 500 enzymatic functions in the human metabolism including preventing cellular breakdown. It is tasked with the important job of repairing the mitochondria, also called the “powerhouses” of our cells.

Why Supplement with NAD? As we age, our NAD levels decrease, making it more difficult for damaged cells to repair themselves. Research has indicated that increasing our NAD levels could rapidly repair those cells in the body which has been known to cause us to age.




What are the benefits of NAD+?

Brain & Energy Optimization: NAD+ may create bigger and stronger mitochondria, potentially allowing more ATP (energy) production. Patients who have utilized NAD+ therapy have reported feeling more energetic as well as increased mental clarity.

Anti-Aging: NAD+ has been known to repair and remodel mitochondria DNA cellular damage.

Metabolic Function & Performance: Research has shown that NAD+ potentially adds to the ATP (energy) load or the bio-chemical fuel that allows athletes to perform and recover more efficiently.

Actual Client Review:

“Thank you, IVitamin! I have been a long-time customer and advocate for the benefits of your drips. I have heard amazing stories about NAD and its effects on aging and cell function and was very excited when I found out you now offer this drip. I just completed my 4th drip and all I can say is this therapy is short of a miracle and has changed my life. Once I finished the first infusion, I immediately felt like a fog was lifted off my brain. I felt absolutely awesome. Elevated mood, focus, increased energy, and overall well-being were felt for the first week. I opted to have another NAD drip the following week and the effects just keep getting better and better. My family, colleagues, and friends all have noticed my mood, energy, and increased happiness. I highly recommend trying this drip… only downside for me was the long drip time. I’m used to being in and out of IVitamin in 45 minutes, now I bring a book or download a movie before I get my NAD, as it takes a couple of hours.”

– Richard G.


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