3 Swimwear Brands That Prove Every Body is a Bikini Body

Swimsuits are small but mighty as they have the ability to make you feel confident or uncomfortable. The key is finding the right one for you!

By Isabella Libby – May 1, 2023

Countless designers and stylists have equated fashion to armor — probably because clothing has the power to make you feel beautiful, fierce, vulnerable or any other number of emotions. In a way, it unabashedly exclaims who you are, something that you may be hesitant to do, but your jumpsuit is definitely not.

Walking in the water

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In the summertime, when temperatures rise and, adversely, the amount of clothing required drops, how you feel and look become less of a task for your outfit and more of one for your body. This may be one explanation for the toxic pressure of having a “summer body.”

Thankfully, in 2023, such a statement is scorned and outdated, and many swimwear brands are starting to fight against that once-favored stereotype of beauty. Swimsuit brand Summersalt captioned a post on their Instagram, “To have a summer body, you only need a body in summer.”

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Here are some swimsuit brands that make tackling the challenge of dressing for empowerment in the summer with half, if that, of the fabric, possible.

1. Summersalt

Summersalt is a great swimwear option for all seasons because they offer a plethora of sizes, styles and colors. Even better, they organize their website in a way that demonstrates their willingness to help you find the exact item you’re looking for.

They carry specialized sizes including those for long torsos, plus size, maternity, boob support and full butt coverage. By offering almost every option fathomable, Summersalt shows their customers that they have nothing to be ashamed of in their needs and preferences.

To further emphasize their body-inclusivity mission, Summersalt boasts a data-backed swimsuit fit, meaning they test their swimwear on every body type, using 1.5 million body measurements from over 10,000 women! So, it’s safe to say that Summersalt has something for everyone. Their sizes also range from 2 to 22, and they have various styles and colors in every option to ensure everyone can find something they enjoy.

With Summersalt suits, comfort isn’t sacrificed for chic; you can have both.


HANXSWIM was created in 2021 by Austin local, Bryn Recker. Recker is an athlete and water-lover, and thus, her swimwear brand “was designed with the badass female in mind — the woman who wants to dive in the deep end.”

Because HANX was initially branded for the athlete and prioritizes comfortable movement, their suits are made with spandex material. This material is especially flattering as it molds to each women’s body while also allowing optimal comfort.

While browsing HANX, you’ll see that each swimsuit description includes advice as to whether you should size up or down, depending on if the suit runs small or large. Such instruction lets customers know that HANX cares about their customers and is genuinely concerned with their satisfaction and confidence.

3. Humankind

Oftentimes, the body-positivity movement neglects to consider everyone. Usually, such efforts are targeted at women since they’ve historically been subject to the most body-related criticism. However, it’s important to show that every body is accepted and beautiful as it is. Thankfully, this is the mission of Humankind’s swimwear!

Humankind designs suits “with every body in mind.” They not only provide swimsuits that are inclusive to every size but also every gender to show that they mean business when they promise to “make you feel comfortable and confident so you can wear what suits you.” Humankind is pioneering the way for swimwear that suits you, rather than a specific body type or person.

Better yet, Humankind is now available at Target!

Body confidence is a personal topic and admitting that you struggle with how your body looks can be daunting. Swimwear brands that prioritize body inclusivity are crucial because they show consumers not only that their body type has been considered in manufacturing, but also that their bodies deserve to be considered and celebrated!


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