The Starter Pack to Keeping Your Summer Light

By Katerina Cotroneo – May 1, 2022

When it comes to keeping your summer healthy and light, it is of the utmost importance you do so both inside and out. The last thing any Austinite wants is to feel the effects of the summer heatwave simultaneously as the summer slump hits. The key to keeping your upcoming months fresh, fun and enlightening begins with smart swaps. We’re still going to wear makeup, drink alcohol and participate in activities with friends, however, it’s replacing those vices with lighter versions of themselves that fit the theme of the summer we are striving for. 

Let’s start with a cocktail. 

Summer cocktail.

Photography credit to Katerina Cotroneo

Tequila or gin are your best friends as far as calories are concerned, and my secret is to mix it with some club soda and fresh-pressed juice. Instead of sticking with your go-to soda mixers or sparkling wine to tack on the sugars, you’re sneaking in some fresh juice antioxidants instead. Grab a Suja Juice at H-E-B if you’re in a pinch, mix that with some lemon and liquor, and your drinks will be the belle of the bar. 

Full coverage foundation? In 105-degree weather, nice try. 


How about a nice tinted moisturizer with built-in SPF instead? The brand EltaMD is a great one that even celebs, such as Hailey Bieber, use. It’s a good one to take advantage of as a base layer throughout the year but, most especially, in the summer. It’s a great way to shield your skin from the harsh rays as well as get that full coverage you desire. It also serves as a great replacement for a cakey foundation as when a cakey foundation is mixed with precipitation, it could potentially cause breakouts. SPF chapstick is also a must as sunburnt lips are fun for nobody and lead to less spicy skinny margaritas.

Binge-watch a series? How about some boat time instead.


Photography credit to Katerina Cotroneo

As the heat grows, it’s easy to justify hitting the movies or staying inside to avoid getting overheated. However, it’s just as important to move your body and get active when it’s hot as it is when the weather is nice and breezy. Why not take advantage of Austin’s natural waters and rent equipment to surf, ski or paddleboard? There are plenty of ways to stay cool all the while moving your muscles and staying strong. Not to mention, following the remnants of the pandemic, nearly everyone is vitamin D-deficient. Getting some sun is great for your body both inside and out! It will boost your mood and inner organs. 

Out with the old, in with the linen.

Katerina driving a boat.

Photography credit to Katerina Cotroneo

Light and linen are one and the same and are the perfect summer combination. Linen dresses and dress shirts keep you looking lovely but still put together and timeless, no matter your age. Pants in Texas during summertime are hard enough as is; you might as well make it bearable and make them linen. White, light, bright colors and, of course, lots of shorts and skirts. Avoid dark tones and tight clothes both on top and bottom, as they attract heat quicker and trap it in. Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses with every outfit as your eyes are just as sensitive to the bright sun as anything else. 

What’s cookin’, good lookin’? 

When it’s boiling outside, healthy soups are not in the cards and long-cooking roasts sound like a chore. Summer salad it is! Throw some chicken on the grill and chop up some toasted pecans, fresh and organic berries, and buttered lettuce and romaine, too. Eyeball some balsamic, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper, and dijon. Give it all a good toss. Light doesn’t have to mean bland, after all.

With summertime in Austin, it’s great to prep for the consistent 100-degree temperatures and changes in one’s day-to-day life. Remember to protect your skin when braving the rays and make those smart swaps to better prepare your body. Summertime is meant for fun and that doesn’t have to mean taking the joy out of everything to make healthy choices — it just means pursuing a healthy balance. Whether you’re taking a dip in Barton Springs Pool to cool off or making cocktails with your girlfriends at a backyard BBQ, look forward to a light and leisurely summer this year!


About the Author

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Katerina Cotroneo is a professional photographer turned lifestyle writer. Using her marketing background and her talent behind the camera, Katerina tells unique stories through her lens and captures diverse perspectives. 


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