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By Monica Brant – May 1, 2021
Brian Fitzsimmons

The drive to MYLO Obstacle Fitness was peaceful, exciting and somewhat daunting. You see, it had been a few years (2017) since I was actively training on obstacles and was not sure exactly how much I would be able to accomplish for this unique (and intense) type of workout. Nonetheless, I was still ready for a butt-kicking hour of fitness.

In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mylo and, heading to the shoot, I recalled that his obstacles were quite the challenge. As an athlete, I did not want to feel like I was starting over. However, in reality, it had been almost four years since I had scaled an eight-foot vertical wall or ran up a Ninja Warrior-type warped wall — or even swung from rings off of a rig! So, I sucked it up and put my best foot forward.

After our initial catchup from the years past, Mylo began the experience by putting me through a full-body warm up with his personal creation, OD Plates. The plates are uniquely designed for multiple exercises from barbell movements to backpack and farmer’s carries. 

Once I was fully warmed up, Mylo gingerly started me off with a sled pull weighing in at 50 pounds, which ended at the base of a six-foot wall. I easily scaled the wall, leading me right smack in front of the eight-foot wall.

At this point, my mind clicked into gear, and this vertical wall was NOT going to take me down — after all, I just got my workout started!

Mylo was a phenomenal coach (and cheerleader, too) and instructed me on each obstacle with proper technique, which I appreciated. As it had been a few years since my last obstacle fitness experience, I was a bit rusty, and listening to his tips for success was extremely helpful. On my third attempt at the eight-footer, I was able to get up and over. Needless to say, I could have ended here feeling successful. 

After a few high-fives and a nice cheer from Mylo, we moved on to the 10-foot cargo net, which doesn’t seem that tall until you are sitting on the top. Thankfully, I am not afraid of (these) heights — can’t say that I would like a 30-foot cargo net though — so ten feet was good for me.

The next few obstacles were more about technique than muscle, in addition to focusing on balance. Following the cargo net, I conquered the teeter-totter and monkey bar obstacles, landing us in front of the spear throw. 

This obstacle was one in particular that requires just the right amount of skill and force, perfectly executed, to land on the target. After Mylo’s helpful directions, a good ratio of my throws made their way to the center of the hay bale target. Spear throw = conquered. 

After the throw, we journeyed to another location on the property to find more — my next being the rig with rings. Making my own path on to the bell, I easily maneuvered through this one. Thankfully, Mylo did not force me to use all my strength on this obstacle, as I know it can be really challenging on the upper body. 

Next came an incredibly unique obstacle that I had not been privy to try in the past: the tire spin hurdle. This obstacle does not appear to be hard — after all, it’s just spinning tires that I would need to hurdle over! With a sore knee, Mylo was not able to demonstrate, so I only had access to his verbal instructions and visualized myself going over. Like the wall previously, my third attempt was a success and I was valiantly over the obstacle.

Mylo gave a loud cheer and I felt like a giddy little girl! He let me know that I was the only female at this point to make it over this obstacle (yes, I am smiling still). Of course, I had to ensure this success was not by accident, so I hurdled over the tires two more times. 

Even though I was filled with glee from overcoming the obstacle, I felt the fatigue from the other obstacles start to fill my body. I was starting to wear mentally and physically, but there were still some walls to climb.

As we started walking back to the initial obstacle course, I noticed the “shimmy up,” which is a  10-foot vertical climb, and I asked about it. 

As with many of Mylo’s inventions, they are built for a specific race, company or event, and this was one of those inventions that had been created for a specific CrossFit event. And of course, I had to try it! I mean, who wouldn’t?

With the energetic coaching from Mylo behind me to “Move my feet!” I made it up the wall on the first attempt and sat at the top rail once again.

Feeling the fatigue, I had one last obstacle in me. To conclude the course, I scaled the 11-foot warped wall, feeling proud. 

Mylo has trained thousands of obstacle racers from all over the world and really knows how to share the techniques needed to conquer each obstacle. His outdoor facility has plenty of obstacles and can be challenging for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Right outside of his area are scenic running paths that can be effective for all race training.  

If you have been contemplating learning obstacles, be sure to get a session in with him. MOF offers numerous activities, groups of all ages and private sessions. Maybe you can plan your 50th, 60th or 70th milestone birthday party there for something completely different! At MOF, there is something for everyone.

When you go, be sure to let him know Mo sent ya!

As always, stay fit and love life!

-Monica Brant


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