8 Lake Activities to Try This Summer

By Emily Metzger – May 1, 2021

While we can’t quite escape the Texas heat, we can take a dip and cool off during a lake day. It can be an ideal way to not only relax and unwind but also to enjoy action-packed water activities. So, as you create your sunny-day itinerary, why not switch it up and experience some unique outings in the sun? Here are some fun and new activities for a summer day spent on the lake.

Surf with an eFoil

People are calling eFoiling “the future of watersports,” and they’re not wrong. The eFoil is essentially an electric surfboard with a fin or “foil” on the bottom. The boards are typically battery-powered and controlled by a handheld device. Places such as Unhooked Sports and eFoil Austin offer lessons open for all eFoil newbies led by experienced instructors!

Try a Transparent Kayak 

To make your kayaking experience much more exciting, consider trying a transparent kayak! See underwater and catch a glimpse of the fish up close in these innovative kayaks. On Lady Bird Lake, you can even go on a glass-bottom illuminated night kayak tour. For two hours, you can bask in the beauty of the dazzling Austin skyline from the water. With the upper-body exercise, mental serenity and opportunity to socialize with friends, it’s no wonder why so many enjoy this unique water activity.

Relax on a Lake Mat

Photo from Amazon.

Say goodbye to noodles and hello to lake mats. These foam-made mats are durable and perfect for large amounts of people. Simply unroll and tie the mat to a dock or boat to ensure it doesn’t float away. Floating mats are more of a long-term investment as they can be quite pricey, but they will be host to quite a few, fun summers out on the water.


Paddleboard like an Austinite

The hundreds of people paddleboarding Lady Bird Lake every dayare definitely on to something. Paddleboarding is a great social sport and also extremely beneficial for your health. Some of the advantages include improving balance, reducing stress levels, utilizing core muscles and allowing space for meditation. Paddleboarding is a fun experience for your whole body to enjoy while taking in Austin’s scenic landscape.


Hang with Friends on a Donut Boat

Courtesy of Capital Cruises.

For those desiring a more intimate boat ride without a loud motor getting in the way of conversation, the Donut Boats on Lady Bird Lake are the perfect group experience. These tiny, electric boats are available for rental and offer a few amenities. They come with a small table and shaded umbrella, and you’re allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks. Be sure to book your reservation in advance and come ready to enjoy the picturesque city views.


Fly with a Flyboard

Everyone has dreamed of flying at least once. Ready to make your dreams come true? Flyboarding is a relatively new thrill, designed with boots strapped to jets that propel you through the air or water! Spin in circles, dive into the water and more, all with hand-controlled equipment for you to choose the level of projection you’re looking to experience. However, before you fly off into Lake Travis waves, make sure you sign up to take a lesson or two first to ensure you’re fully ready for your flying experience.

Catch a Thrill with Jet Skiing

If you love lake days but aren’t too keen on sitting around, think about renting a jet ski for your next water adventure. Finding balance maneuvering the water while exploring the lake up close makes jet skiing a fun and exciting challenge. There are so many jet ski rental services to choose from in Lake Travis that make this summer activity an easy process to enjoy for however long you wish to rent for.

P.S. For those with long hair, make sure to bring hair ties especially when riding with someone. Nothing is worse than being the passenger of a long-haired driver whose hair is whipping you in the face constantly!

Work Out with Sup-Yoga

If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level and experience one of the toughest workouts of your life, try sup-yoga. It’s exactly what you think it is: yoga on a paddleboard! While it’s almost a workout within itself to balance on a paddleboard, add in a few yoga poses or movements to really feel a body burn.



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