By Lou Earle – May 14, 2012

I’m a little unfocused this month as spring is springing. I don’t know what it is, but as I conjure up my monthly musings my mind seems to be all over the place. April showers do indeed bring May flowers and it seems that changes are bursting upon us like the new blooms of spring. The political landscape grabs at us daily; our global community drenches us with drama; and then there’s “Dancing with the Stars”! Is it any wonder that my mind is barely clinging to reality?

So this month, you’ll have to put up with some random thoughts and observations. I am happy to say that we are once again reminded of Lady Bird’s wonderful legacy as the hill country bursts forth as only Texas can…BIG. So get out there and take in the beauty and get some fresh air and sunshine! The temps this time of year are downright glorious so get some long runs in and play some outdoor sports. Oh, and go on a picnic with friends and family. It’s literally good for the heart as well as the soul.

As you all know, this is our big, big swimsuit issue and it’s one of the best we’ve ever done. We have the pros of course and they are awesome as they have some fun in the sun on the lake in some really hot new styles. We also are continuing our ever-popular showcase of local readers’ choice model winners and let me tell you, they are right up there with the heavy hitters, so check them out. You might think that these photo shoots are a snap, but let me tell you, these folks have to be fit to get through a sunup to sundown day of shooting. Just changing swimsuits would wear me out.

My final point is to put in a big plug for our upcoming 2012 AFM FITTEST presented by Nexersys on June 9 and 10 at Camp Mabry, where we determine who are really the ten fittest guys and gals in Austin. We have been talking about this since the beginning of the year and May marks the last month to register. This event is our vision for fitness for all. It’s a chance for anyone to compete and have a real chance to win because the ten tests do not favor any particular fitness regime. It’s a chance to test yourself and establish a documented fitness baseline to improve on year after year, and it’s a chance to have fun while doing what your body and mind deserve. If you don’t want to compete, just come watch and support others. Spectating is free to the public; Camp Mabry is an open base, so everyone is invited to come out and watch. Check out the details at the event website, afmfittest.com, or AFM online at austinfitmagazine.com.

It’s going to be a gas! Hope to see you there.

Keep Austin Fit,

Lou Earle


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