Workout of the Month: REGYMEN Fitness

By Sponsored: REGYMEN Fitness – March 1, 2021

Ready to disrupt your routine? REGYMEN Fitness brings an innovative take on HIIT group training through daily challenges, equipment galore and a healthy balance of intense work and recovery all led by their elite coaches. With three unique workout platforms offered every day — Burn, Box and Build — you can customize your fitness regimen to help you reach your specific goals with any mix of low-impact cardio, strength training, boxing and more. For those of you looking to torch calories while building strength, follow along with this workout to get a glimpse of what you might expect in one of REGYMEN’s Build workouts. We know you got this!



Game plan: Complete three rounds for time

Air Bike (20 Calories)

Also called the “Death Bike,” this is a great no impact, full-body option for cardiovascular HIIT conditioning.

– Adjust bike seat to maintain a slight knee bend at the down stroke position.

– Use arms and legs equally to maintain max power.

– Elite goal = 30 seconds; Novice goal = 1 minute


Kettlebell Single-Arm Squat Clean (x 10 Reps Total)

Take one kettlebell from the floor to the “racked” position while catching in a squat position.

– Stand and snap hips to drive KB and provide speed.

– Keep the KB close to the body and send up in a straight line.

– Take arm around the KB and clench it into your side to a racked position while dropping into squat.


TRX Muscle Up (x 8 Reps)

TRX is a great tool to help develop full-body strength, stability and fitness.

– Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, elbows locked at your side with hands near thighs.

– Sit on floor, keeping arms fully extended.

– While driving through heels, begin quickly pulling the TRX strap to lift from floor.

– At the endpoint of the pulling action, transfer quickly to push into full standing position.

– The finish position should be the same as your start position with arms locked at sides.


Barbell Push Press (x 6 Reps)


A great way to produce upper-body power and strength while using legs/hips to provide speed.

– Stand with feet shoulder-width apart in a front racked position, while gripping the barbell just outside of shoulders.

– Take a shallow and quick dip of hips.

– Drive through heels and extend hips while quickly pressing barbell overhead.

BLOCK TWO: Core Stability and Strength 

Game plan: Complete three sets 


Landmine Standing Torso Rotation (x 12 Reps Total)

A great variation that helps develop strength and stability while utilizing a fixed movement

– Keep feet in an athletic stance or about shoulder-width apart.

– Slowly rotate the top of the barbell toward your thigh by turning shoulders.

– Avoid dipping shoulders or allowing hips to rotate.


Kettlebell Plank Pull-Through (x 12 Reps Total)

A great exercise to promote core strength and stability.

– Start in a plank position: ankles, knees, hips and shoulders all in a straight line.

– While keeping your spine and head aligned, use your right hand to reach behind your left palm to grab KB — pull and set it down on your right side behind palms. Repeat on the opposite side. 

– Focus on actively contracting core muscles and maintaining hips square to the floor throughout the movement. 


Dumbbell Bear Row: (x 12 Reps Total)

An advanced version of a plank row or “Renegade Row.” The “Bear” position takes your hips out of the equation and requires better shoulder and core stability.

– Start in a bear crawl position — hands under shoulders, knees under hips and slightly off the floor.

– While maintaining a neutral spine, slowly lift DB from the floor and drive elbow past your torso.

– Replace DB back to starting position, and repeat on opposite arm.

– Focus on maintaining bear position. Don’t go too heavy.

In addition to providing killer workouts for all fitness levels, the REGYMEN team takes pride in the processes they’ve put in place to ensure COVID-19 safety. Temperature checks at the door, masks required upon entry and exit, workout stations spaced 8+ feet apart and regular cleaning with CDC-approved products throughout the workout are just a few of the new protocols you’ll see when you visit a REGYMEN Fitness location. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to give them a call to learn more about the safety protocols and schedule a FREE WORKOUT to see for yourself. 

Keep an eye out for their newest studios coming to Round Rock and The Grove (Central Austin) Spring 2021! Snag the lowest founder rates for a limited time before the new studios open. Call or text for details:  

Arbor Walk (512) 969-8121

Round Rock (512) 234-1941

The Grove (512) 998-2216


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