Editor's Letter

By Liz Harroun – March 1, 2018

Most of us have heard the quote from the motivational speaker John Rohn stating that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. However, do we really consider this fact when choose the friends and loved ones we surround ourselves with? 

Take a look at the relationships in your life. Do you want to be like those around you? Or, are you always working to counter the energy and habits of these people in order to maintain your best self? 

When it comes to our friends, partners, and colleagues, it’s easy to feel like we are responsible for maintaining these relationships—even when they are no longer serving us. We are encouraged to attend countless networking events, weddings, and stay in touch with friends from college. We might even feel guilt or fear when we know it’s best to end a relationship or decline an event. However, when we grow or change, it is our responsibility to surround ourselves with people who support our evolution. If not, we will stay stuck in the same patterns. 

Many believe that we don’t choose our families (even though the idea of karma would indicate otherwise). Either way, we can still place intention around how much time we spend with them. Some family members likely elicit the type of energy that lifts you up, whereas others might bring out certain qualities you are trying to release. Becoming aware of how certain people make you feel when around them is the first step; then, allocate your time accordingly. 

As I met and interviewed the people featured in this issue, I realized how intentional each of them are with their time. They surround themselves with supportive people who make them better. They share home-cooked meals and sacred space with these people. Just as importantly, they cultivate a healthy relationship with themselves. They block off time for self-care—whether that be a grueling run, a morning journaling session, metta meditation, or some juicy yoga. Taking time to better yourself pays off since, ultimately, you are the number one person you’ll spend the most time with in your lifetime. Also, you can then also show up for the people in your life that you care about and reciprocate the positive energy.

This issue inspired me to consider the important relationships in my life—with both myself and the other people I spend the most time with. My hope is that it also encourages you to take a look at your relationships and make sure you’re spending time around people who reflect the type of person you want to be. When we put more intention into who we spend our time with, we will find growth and alignment with much more ease. 

Here’s to health and freedom!

Things I’m Loving: At-home Testing

I often do my own lab testing so that I can come to my functional medicine doctor with results in hand. This way, I get the most out of the time and money it takes to see an “alternative” practitioner that insurance typically does not cover. I prefer at-home testing for the convenience of doing it on my own time and avoiding a gloomy lab. Here are my two favorites: 


A local Austin company, EverlyWell makes testing enjoyable from start to finish! Because I’ve never tested my hormones before, I decided to try the Women’s Health and Fertility Panel. It indicated a slight estrogen dominance and low thyroid (both very common in women). Testing also comes with admission into a private Facebook group, where you can discuss results and health topics with a like-minded community—including EverlyWell experts! 


Wow, the people at Viome are really changing the game! Based on a stool sample, they gave me a complete list of foods to indulge in, enjoy, minimize, and avoid. My list was pretty restrictive, but when I focus on the foods to indulge in and enjoy (including green tea, blueberries, bok choy, chicken, and eggs), I seem to feel much better! It confirmed that I don’t handle starches or cruciferous veggies very well right now—which I suspected but have had difficulty confirming with strict elimination. It also confirmed that my body responds best to a diet high in fat and protein, in order to maintain stable blood sugar. 



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