Skin Care Made Simple

By Samantha Dench – March 1, 2017

True or False?

1. Don’t wash your face after a workout.
2. If you wash in the morning, you do not have to wash at night.
3. If you wash at night, just splash water on your face in the morning.
4. Use any soap product you have within reach.
5. Exfoliate every day.

If you answered FALSE to all of them, you are correct! Here’s why:

1. It is extremely important to wash your face within 20 minutes of exercising to remove the sweat off the skin. Those who do not wash after a workout tend to have a lot of little bumps or small red pimples on the forehead, which can develop when pores are clogged by a mixture of dirt and oil. When sweat sits on the skin hours after a workout, it can cause various skin conditions to develop, including acne, rosacea and dry skin. For those hectic days when you can’t immediately shower or fully wash, use baby wipes—they are gentler than facial cleansing cloths and are great for removing sweat quickly when you're in a pinch. Do not use them on a regular basis or daily, though.

2 & 3. Like sleep benefits, washing your face before bed is just as important as the required number of hours of sleep. The skin cannot properly repair itself when it is caked with makeup, dirt, oil and sweat. When you forget to wash at night, it accelerates the aging process, damages the skin, and creates clogged pores, which leads to breakouts. 

4 & 5. There is a plethora of cleansers on the market. Gel, foamy or creamy cleansers work to treat different skin types—some even have scrubs within the cleanser. Using the wrong cleanser strips the skin of natural oils, dehydrates it, or creates sensitivities. There is no need to use a cleanser that contains scrubs or exfoliants!

We shouldn’t be over-exfoliating. Our skin naturally sheds itself every 28 days, and as we age, it can take 45 to 60 or more days. The natural exfoliation process protects the skin by exfoliating only when new cells are ready. Forcing this process requires the skin to work harder to protect itself.

How to Wash Your Face

1. Wash with cleanser in the morning and the evening. A splash of water does not clean well enough.
2. Use clean cloths so that the dirt from the previous use does not return to the face. A microfiber cloth is very gentle on the skin.
3. Be sure to wash your entire face, especially along the hairline. Hair products clog the skin and can result in little white bumps.
4. Rinse thoroughly. Residual cleanser can lead to build-up and develop bumps or blackheads.
5. Skin should never feel tight and squeaky-clean. If it does, it’s a sign that your cleanser is too harsh.

Excerpted from: Skin Deep: Demystifying Skin Care Solutions to Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin by licensed esthetician, skin care expert, and Austin spa owner Samantha Dench.

Fun Facts

Ever wonder why your bathroom gets so dusty? Part of that “dust” is the dead skin cells you’ve shed.

It may feel like coconut oil is moisturizing your skin, but it’s actually clogging your pores.

Despite being as thin as a sheet of paper, your skin is quite impenetrable. That’s why it’s important to use quality skin-care products; many over-the-counter products don’t permeate deep into the skin. 

Local Facial Services

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After a long week, indulge in 90 minutes of pampering at Viva Day Spa with their Viva Vital Ultimate Facial Package’s series of organic treatments, all designed to fit your personal skincare needs.

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