March 2017

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Row, Row, Row Your Barge

Dog vs. Human Senses

Introducing Your Pups to Your Newborn

New to Austin

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

Makeup You Can Stick With

Just because you’re not beauty savvy doesn’t mean you always have to sport that post-workout flush.

Remix Your Playlist

If anyone knows how to put together a string of songs to get you moving, it’s spin instructors. They’re the DJs of the fitness world, always staying up-to-date on the newest hits and freshest remixes. We asked instructors around town to tell us what jams are topping their charts.

Rodeo Austin: A Wild West Tradition With a Hill Country Twang

What’s the rodeo all about, anyway?

Medical FAQ: Veterinary

Let’s be honest: there’s more to taking care of your pup than the occasional belly scratch. To help us break down the ABC’s of giving our furry friends healthy, happy lives, we turned to Dr. Samantha Taylor. Although Dr. Taylor’s known around Sunbury Veterinary Clinic as an avid marathon runner—including a Boston marathon finish, a testament to her training alongside running partner, Poppy (pictured)— she places her clients’ pet fitness above all else.

Skin Care Made Simple

You hit the gym and eat well to keep your body in good health—but what are you doing to take care of your skin? It’s our body’s largest organ, and yet many of us neglect to give it necessary attention. Refine your routine with these tips from a skin care expert.

Dogs, At Your Service

Meet the dogs that have mastered skills beyond frisbee-catching.

Vegan Shepard's Pie

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this healthy alternative to an Irish staple.

AFM's 8th Annual Fittest Dogs

Hope in Hormones

Feeling tired? Foggy? Not like yourself? Your hormones could be the reason.

Salt of the Earth? Not So Fast.

Not all salts are created equally. To make things simple, we broke down what gives each of the top types of salt their unique looks, tastes, and feels.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Dine Out Without Deprivation

How to make healthy choices when traditional favorites are calling your name.

BONUS PHOTOS: Dogs Stay in Austin Hotels

Dog-Friendly Hotels Around Town

As told by AFM Staff Dogs, Cooper, Hank, Shiner, and Teddy.

FML Workout: Jump into Spring

Celebrate the new season by adding some spring to your step with this challenging plyometric workout.

The Top 5 Ways to Recover from Your Workouts Faster

Clear Results, Full Data, Can’t Lose

How one gym is using science to redefine sports.

The First First Place

You never forget your first win.

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